Comments threads and support on Themeforest



Hi Im a buyer of themes for development - Ive probably bought a few hundred at this point. I just want to share one small frustration I have with the whole process. Take it as you will but its something that really eats into my development time, and I’m sure its a source of frustration for most authors too - and that issue is Support.

I find this whole system with Themeforest, of having to go to another dedicated support site maintained by the author and set up yet another login and password account (I now have hundreds of these - and I can never remember what my username is for each one!) very tedious and not conducive to problem solving at all. I’m sure it’s more work for the developers too. It would make a lot more sense to have a searchable support forum for each theme right here on this site. So that users can use their themeforest login, not root around for a purchase code, and can give each other help with questions, rather than pester developers with every little query. The comments thread for each theme usually answer a lot of my questions, but its frustrating to see someone ask my exact question only for the answer to be “go and sign in to a different site for the answer”. Now I have to go through this rigamarole with emails and passwords (usually clicking the forgot password button in the process) just to ask the same guys the same question again!

What do you think? Is there a compelling reason to have it this way? (posted to ‘tips and tricks’ as none of the other categories make sense for this either - can we have a Buyers / Customers category in these forums?)


It’s been suggested and requested many times before especially since the introduction of the new support policies. I can’t remember the reason why it has not been implemented but sure there was a good reason - probably down to envato not owning the files, not all authors offering support, or most likely data/security restrictions.

That said it is far from a stupid idea, maybe envato are considering it for the future and if you don’t ask you won’t get.