Author refusing refund even though theme does not work!

I am furious with one of the authors. I bought a theme and it does NOT work. I have spent weeks with this guy trying to get it to work and he just tries load of different excuses and tries to blame other outside issues which are not relevant. He has refused to refund me even though the theme is STILL not working. I can’t find a phone number for themeforest either so what do I do now?

When you buy a theme you have free support.
You can ask author what do you know and he will help you.

If are issues he will help you.

Maybe you make something wrong.

I think they maintain Enavto Market Refund Policy.
You can take a look on Enavto Market Refund Policy hope your confusion will solved.
If Author In illegal way just contact with Envato Help center they give you Beautiful Solution.


I have tried this approach but it is not working. I have no other options.

Hey there @mccannio, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. Let me shed some light on your situation.

If the item is broken, you are entitled to a refund, regardless of what the author has to say. An approved, advertised as working item must work. No comments on that. The process for refunds is simple, first you must use this request link. This will send a refund request to the author for review. If the author rejects the refund and the item is broken, you can then escalate a dispute with Envato directly within the refund window. That will send your request over to Envato Support, which will analyze all information you and the author have provided and act accordingly.

As I mentioned before, an item that sells here must work, so if the item is broken, just open a refund request here ( ) wait for the author to reply, and if they reject your refund, escalate it with Envato. They’ll take care of your issue in the shortest possible time.

All items here must work as advertised, if an author fails to do that, you’re always 100% entitled and will receive a refund! No questions asked! If the author doesn’t help you, you can be sure Envato will!


I have tried this and the auther refused to refund! I have also contacted envato support who simply said the refund request was declined! What do I do now?

Have you tried the “Dispute” option in the refund? Have you told Envato that the item is broken?

Yes, tried that too. They emailed back after a few days saying the refund request was declined! I am so angry. I have wasted money and a LOT of time on something that does not work. I am very frustrated with envato for not being more helpful. It makes VERY wary about buying any more themes/templates.

That usually happens when the item is working as it should and Envato can’t find anything wrong with the item. In this case, I recommend contacting the author and starting off with a clean slate. Might be a small bug on your side when installing the product that they can help with. If Envato investigated and rejected the refund then I strongly recommend going back to basics and working with the author to find what’s wrong. Sorry if I can’t be more helpful mate…

Tried all that too - I am out of options here and I have wasted money on a theme that does not work and can’t get my money back!

In that case, my last suggestion would be to recommend contacting Envato Help and Support and requesting some information as to why they rejected your refund request. If the item is truly broken and the author is not providing the 6 month support you’re entitled to, surely they can offer some light on then matter.

You are entitled to 6 months of support while purchasing an item, and if the author doesn’t want to help you, that on it’s own is cause for a refund.

Unfortunately, being a Moderator, I can only point you to Envato Support. As mods, we cannot investigate accounts and products.

Cheers mate