Starting to get really disappointed in Envato?

Well I have been buying for some time now… but really have to say this is starting to s…k, Sorry but letting the author decide if he or she will refund is a joke! You have authors which bring out programs that never worked from day one and seems I have been really lucky with a few of them lately…

I am a very patient person and will always try to work with the author to solve the issues but WOW I have a program and have been trying to get it to work for over a week now!! I got a response one time saying my ticket is updated but see no changes and the author just stopped replying… now I’m sitting here again waiting for his reply … very sad… :-((


Hey Robert.

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. If the item is not working as advertised and the author has refused your refund request, you can certainly open a Help Ticket at Envato Help and Support. Our Help Team will be happy to investigate the situation.


Thanks for your reply… it would be cool if the refund process would also be a little easier…

but anyways I appreciate your Reply… Kingdog…

Have a great day…!

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I absolutely agree with you! Purchased the Roslyn theme and its been nothing but a headache from day one…nothing works on my bluehost site. Author will not refund and none of the “fixes” have worked. Bluehost has had to disable portions of the theme to get around problems it is causing.

I spent two weeks trying to get the issues resolved. Received a couple of emails, with links that didn’t work. So frustrating… I just removed the theme altogether and installed another from Wordpress and it is working great. Would just like to obtain a refund and be done with it.