Theme purchased and does not work and Envato side with Author???

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post but i am one VERY unhappy customer.
I purchased a theme and had issues with it. I contacted the author through theme forrest and got NO reply’s whatsoever. So i then set up a refund request ticket as the theme is unusable.
After many emails back a nd forth with Envato i get an email from Envato to say that they can see that i have put in several requests to the author and can also see from the information supplied by me that the theme is broken BUT unfortunatley on this occasion they are siding with the theme author!!!
What the hell are you talking about. If something doesnt work then i am entitled to a refund.
I am considering legal action about this as the broken theme in question has caused countless hrs of development on a new client website that can no longer be used. On top of that i have now lost my client!!!
SO why has envato taken this stance???
I want answers!!!

Unfortunately this is not something for these forums simply because no one here has access to all the information or will be able to help find a solution.

Please continue to speak to support either using tickets you have open or via