Refund as usual

I have requested a refund for a theme purchased through theme forest. I was instructed to wait 1 to 2 days for the author to reply.

It is now the fourth day and the author has not replied to my refund request and nor have they answered any comments from customers on their template profile page for the last 25 days.

The real answer is that they dont care. I have a template that looks like it was put together with a knife and fork and zero assistance.

Normally I dont get annoyed but I am at this as I feel theme forest really does not promote refunds on the site as any reference to a refund is very cryptically hidden in other areas of the companies websites.

If I do not hear back on this within 5 working days I may take alternative action to get some satisfaction including reaching out to a Chamber of Commerce in Australia to get some attention.

I want my $59 back or I want the template installed 100% correctly on my server so that it displays as per the authors demo. There we go its not so bad, is it.

If the author doesn’t respond to the refund request, an option to “raise a dispute” should automatically appear on the refund request’s details page which will forward the request to Envato for a decision. I believe this option appears after 7 days.

Its actually easier to dispute something in Paypal which I used to think was annoying. This by far is long winded and purposely designed for people like my self to give up.
I have given up on this but will hang out on some forums for a while and create a nuisance that way. It will cost Envato more long term.

This process is farcical to say the least

Just for clarity and to prevent further frustration - remember that if you challenge the payment the entire envato account including all purchases will be locked out until the disputed is cleared up.