Help - Purchase Missing

Hi all,

I made a purchase for a website theme, paid $77 for it, signed up to Envato through the process but when I go to my downloads there was nothing. I’ve searched my profile and it doesn’t show any purchases, but I have Paypal confirmation it was made, and the usual ‘welcome’ e-mails when you sign up.

I’ve contacted Envato, but it states they could take up to 10 days to reply, and i’d rather not wait that long, especially if it is user error and I can find my purchase. Any help from the community would be amazing.



Please wait envato support team will reply your ticket as quickly they can. they will check it for you and will help you to fix the issues.


Still no reply, had plenty of marketing e-mails from Envato trying to sell me things. Not the best customer service i’ve experienced :frowning:

Is there a number I can call?

Thanks anyone for the help.