Envato does 'alternative support'

(It’s just like actual support - only it’s non-existent.)

Five days ago I informed Envato Support that last May they approved a plugin which calls the marketplace.envato.com API. That plugin is still for sale today. I know…I purchased it.

Since that has been a legacy API since Sept 2015 and will finally be terminated next week you’d think that Envato would at least respond to my concerns.

Did they?

Not a word.

That’s alternative support.

Head. Sand. Insert.

Although you’d expect some kind of response after 5 days, normally Envato can take a lot longer to respond to these types of tickets.

I expect they’re waiting until they officially pull the plug on the old API- perhaps they plan on sending out an email to those authors who use the old API that it needs to be updated. Maybe they already have?

Either way, I’m sure you can report the item as being broken when the API is finally turned off and perhaps then more action will be taken.


Here’s the scenario you need to consider:
Next week the legacy API is terminated and every single webpage which relies on that plugin dies with it.
What then? Stand around hoping for a fix as the revenue stream from your website trickles to nothing?

"Every item you’ll find for sale on Envato Market has been reviewed by our team of experts"
In May 2016 these guys approved a plugin written for an API which they themselves officially put on death row in Sept 2015.
Is that acceptable?

I see your point now! In that case, I guess all we can do is continue to report broken items or items which haven’t updated yet.

Please write a comment letting the author know. The API still works and therefor the item is not broken; for all we know he could make an update the day before.