How about you just change "support" to "subscription"?

This is about Envato Market.

It’s crazy how people are offended when you say that their support has expired. I figure they think, they don’t need support, as they’re high end web developers with amazing ideas to say the least :smiley: and they can handle things on their own, but they surely would be in more need for subscription right?

It just sounds better. So, please bring “a subscription” here too.


I totally agree

A few more thoughts to share.

An author can choose between is he going to provide item support or not, so… Why not have an option to choose between selling item as a subscription or no. If it’s a subscription, it’ll be billed monthly ofc.

A few more ideas… If author switches to the subscription more, anyone that had a license, can get a one year subscription. If your subscription runs out, no more support or updates.

Maybe you can even create a part of the Envato Market to run only for items with subscriptions, like a new thing/marketplace.

It is called Envato Elements

@DREAMYARD_Visuals No it’s not. Envato Elements download price of 1c per license for lifetime and all updates has nothing to do with this. In fact it has everything the opposite.

For instance our subscription would be priced at $19/month per plugin and we would provide hell of a service for those subscribed. You also wouldn’t be able to download the whole 3D Ocean library in between. There are differences to say the least.