Bravo! New Support policy. 4 days ahead of launch.



Hello everyone,

As you may not know, Envato did it again. They changed support policy 4 days ahead of mandatory support launch:

2 major changes:

  1. We’re now obliged to provide support for included/recommended plugins. Including fixing their code.
  2. They do not set any limits on amount of support. Heaven for abusive buyers.

Fellow slaves authors, what you think?

Miroslav (from Dream-Theme)


Hm, And I do not even think about it. Yes, indeed, there is a lot of room for abuse.


Am I wrong or support for included items was already anounced in last update?

Same speech for point #2: is surely an highway for abusers, but isn’t a surprise for me.


Was on vacation and probably missed that update. But this is serious issue. Shouldn’t be it emailed to authors same as todays announcement?


I should support third party items? So If there’s a bug and the developer doesn’t fix it I have to fork it and fix it by myself? In 72 hours?

Also buyers often think something is working in a specific way but it’s supposed to work different. How do we get around?

And what if we break this policy? “Just” a refund or will we be locked/banned or our item removed?


Setting the prices of items: We set the prices of items in most categories on Envato Market. We know how valuable your creations are to you and so we endeavour to make the prices we set for your items fair and in line with the going market rate. Even so, you acknowledge and agree that we have absolute control over the pricing of Envato Market items in categories where we set the prices. There are some categories known as ‘author-driven pricing categories’ where authors set the prices for their items. If you sell items in an author-driven pricing category, you must make all pricing decisions independently. This means that discussions about your pricing decisions are not permitted under any circumstances.

Can somebody shed some light on this ?


According to new support policy - yes. Welcome :slight_smile:


So what:


Like I said in my initial post, Envato did it again: they scr*d us again.


revaxarts, actually it says the same thing, that you can’t contact the ORIGINAL author of the plugin for support, but the theme author, which should fix the bugs.

What a joke.


So if VisualComposer get’s removed from the Marketplace and a security problem with this plugin occurred all items used it will get removed if the author doesn’t fix the problem?

Seems legit :tada:


Why in 72 hours, there is not any timeframes.


You’re right, This was just announced in a blog post at What about response times and vacations?


Author can contact plugin author to fix the bug and plugin author has to fix it if he supports it.

But I think it’s time to remove all plugins that are bundled with the theme.


Ok, I’m on vacation until March 2017 :grinning:


There is a contradiction in support of third party plugins all over the place in the document:


This makes sense. If I say my theme works with (the bundled version of) Visual Composer then it should work with Visual Composer. If the page layout or a certain feature in Visual Composer (e.g. full height) does not work in my theme then I should fix it.


@dtbaker - what if i simply am not able to fix a bug in a 3rd party because i simply don’t understand the code, not because that i don’t want, simply because i can’t?


then if you’re item doesn’t work as it should with a 3rd party plugin, that 3rd party plugin should not be included in your item.

do remember that you may have purchased an extended license for a 3rd party plugin, so you may have access to support from the plugin author to fix any issues. It’s not totally on you, there is help. There is also the forums here, where lots of knowledgeable people would be more than happy to assist with quirky bugs.

I have many soft disabled plugins that no longer work with the latest version of the 3rd party plugin or platform, these are soft disabled until I have the time to update them to be compatible with the 3rd party plugin (e.g. jigoshop) or platform (e.g. magento/wordpress).


Also it mentions fixes can take several days or weeks to be released, not 72 hours:

If you’re waiting for an update or fix to an item, it may take several days/weeks for an author to properly fix, test, review and release.