Buyer fee and author fee should be decreased?

The Marketplace has changed a lot last years, but the buyer fee and the author fee are still the same. When these fees for just one item may cost the half amount of the monthly subscription of Elements for umlimited items, how would this work?

I want to discrease the cost of my items on Market because they are almost dead, because of the competition with the Elements or any other similar marketplace, but this is really hard with these extra costs.


It’s been discussed already. You can find similar discussions at:

Me included, everyone could agree but it’s Envato policy and I don’t think they will change it.

I am asking myself. Why someone would purchase an item from the Market instead of the Elements? The main reason could be that he/she just need just one item. But when the cost of this item on the Market is the same or higher than the subscription of Elements, why not to download unlimited items?

Extended licenses are so rare and most of the the marketplaces dont offer extra support for their items.

Marketplace = lifetime updates and 6 months support which elements does not offer

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After June 1st you won’t have to deal with just elements but additional 3rd party subscribe model sites since Envato will have the option to distribute your projects there aswell. I am guessing for them elements bring them more money, considering the fact that they are paying authors less comparing to the marketplace. I am sure other factors play significant role but seeing the aggressive marketing of elements I am convinced that marketplace won’t have much of a future. Κρίμα.

This does not apply to Videohive where Videologio has his portfolio.

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Marketplace = not just Themeforest. There is no support for videohive, audiojungle, graphicsriver and photodune. Also updates are not important for these marketplaces. it s just an extra benefit.

It’s simple, Envato only cares about own profit… why do Elements advertise so much, because they take a large piece of cakes while the author is left with crumbs.
Everything related to the Market and authors it won’t get better… they can write there how important the authors are to them and similar but no evidence supports it… crazy is the one who believes in it.

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What I am suggesting could increase the earnings for both parts. When there are zero sales noone wins.

Your idea is not bad but Elements bring them more profit on some way (less for authors) and they will not change this… that’s why the Market is in the bad situation and Envato does anything.

no they are not the same , they increased , there were some additional ones in time , which makes matter worse

I am not sure that this is really true, elements is a completely different model, this is a subscription one and as for I know , authors get money from what they post or include, as well as from the global volume of sales made by this platform. According to some authors that I know that are in both, elements is much more profitable, at least, according to what I was told

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elements is a subscription model and is not working the same way as the platform. u cannot get the real price if what the platform gets from any customer is 19 or 29$ / month for unlimited downloads … besides , the marketplace is not a super profitable model for authors with half sale price being retained for exclusive authors and 2/3 for non exclusive ones …

While I understand that for some authors with a hundreds or even thousands of projects a subscription model can be quite profitable, but for authors with a couple of dozen of projects in their portfolio is a disaster. Sure in elements you have the option to publish whatever project you choose but that won’t be the case for 3rd party arrangements.
The point is that an elements style model isn’t for everyone so why deny us the option to participate or not?
p.s. I am not even touching the 30% taxation that many authors have to suffer.

Elements can be profitable for someone when the Marketplace is practically destroyed which is the goal for Elements to survive as such a model… for me not profitable at all, how much do I earn on Elements I have so much less at Marketplace and there is also a tax of 30%, items immediately will be on pirate sites and similar.
There are probably several authors who are fine but only because Envato wants it, the same as at the Marketplace, we cannot say that they were all in the same position.

@sotto3d and @dgas99 , what u are depicting here , this is not what I have been told about Elements (by authors being part of it), I do not have any problem to believe what u are saying as I am not there , I have never been invited to take part and thus I have never overly been searching for knowing precisely how it works … once I have said this , though, I think that elements is the kind of model that a lot of people appreciate, to tell things without necessarily agreeing with it , as people can know they can find an incredible variety of contents while keeping paying a reasonable amount monthly (they can master expense and globally find what they are looking for, I presume). I cannot deny that the traditional marketplace has been neglected over a heavily promoted elements , my problem with this issue has always been more about the fact that cannot join who wants to , rather than any other thing. For the piracy issue, that @dgas99 mentioned, this is very difficult to deny, as well as what was told is true, from where I sit as far as being fine depending on who we are talking about … . However , if u wanna know how I feel , the issue is that all these previous systems were basically nothing more than pocket money or some additional money enabling authors to breath - almost no one could really make a decent living out of it, apart from some exceptions, and the situation is deteriorating again with the usual additions on regular basis making things worse , this AI thing maybe simply the end of the story for a looooooot of guys indeed, this is the most saddening thing, according to me … (apart maybe from the way technology is being I used, which is a different story but a related one) and once again without authors have any say …

Money I earned monthly from Graphicriver for a long time is much more than pocket money… I’ll tell you my situation now with Elements and Graphicriver together, I have only 25% earnings from Graphicriver before and it keeps falling, for some reason earnings are not growing at all.
One important thing is that everything was transparent on the Marketplace, on Elements I have no idea what my income is based on and how much it is… something similar to the new third-party modification everything is in the fog.
Subscription model is only good for buyers where they get a lot for a little money and obviously Envato. Here is a picture from my angle and I believe that there are many more authors in similar situations.

it would be beneficial to at least be able to set an item as exclusive and another as non-exclusive.

So basic…

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I don’t believe it, but we have no real alternative. Creative Market sucks.
Envato has the most traction in the digital graphics business, selling tools and stock at such an affordable price.

However I fell like at least a 60% 40% would be more encouraging and would even bring more content to the platform

Thank would be awesome!