Plugin support

I’ve found nice plugin I’d like to use but…

  1. it was updated in 2019 for the last time
  2. people in comments and support say that there’s now support at all.
    Does it mean that’s really no support and the plugin is not supported any more?
    Can it be checked by envanto?
    Thanks in advance.

Hi @EMM8 ,

You can ask your pre-purchase query (especially support and update query) directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. Item author will answer your query.


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Thanks. I can do that.
But as you can see here: (removed link)
the item author does not answer comments at all.

post your query in comments. if author don’t reply then better to avoid purchasing such plugin.

I think I’ll not buy it as I can see there is no support. So you do not moderate the authors and plugins in the repository?

if any customer report directly to envato support team about any item or support of the item then envato support team will review the report and will take necessary step.

Also a good idea to check last update and compatibility before purchasing items (especially when it is about WordPress).