Plugin author has gone dark

Hi there. I am new to these forums so I hope this isn’t redundant.

I am experiencing an issue with a plugin I purchased. I also purchased additional support in order to reach the author. After going through the comments, it appears it has been several months since this author has responded to any customer. Our website has relied on this plugin for several years, so it is necessary for us to reach the author for help.

I guess my question is - what are my options? Is there another form of support or am I out of luck with this plugin?


Bump. Just wanted to see if I could get some feedback here. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply here, we had a tone of work with a tone of topics in the past few days.

Sounds like you’re dealing with an author who isn’t fulfilling his part of the deal, so you’re fully entitled to a refund. Simply go to the Refunds Page and request a refund for your product. If the author fails to reply in 5 days or rejects your refund you can dispute it from the link you’ll get in your email or just send a support ticket to Envato Market Help and Support and they’ll verify and approve your refund if you haven’t gotten the support you’re entitled to, and the author will be held accountable. Cheers!

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