how do i get support on plugins?

I purchased the porto plugin which is giving errors and i am also not able to update in wordpress .
how do I get help?

Is there a ‘support’ tab above the preview image on the item page?

no …i dont see it , can you please put the link?

if i try to update plugin i get error “Your purchase code is not valid or can’t reach the API server”

ok i found the support button and have opened a support ticket
Assigned to Aizaz Awan Id #32255

when can i get help?

Did you submit a request with the author or Envato?

Any issues like you have mentioned is one for the author.

On the item page there may be a tab like below (that’s just an example) - this will outline how to contact the author and roughly how long it takes for an answer (FYI authors do not tend to work on weekends).

yes i have opened a support ticket but so far no answer, i guess cause its weekend, will hopefully get an answer tomorrow