Envato API Questions

I need to use Envato API to verify purchase codes. Put simply, when user provides his purchase code, I need to know which item this code is for (if code is valid, of course). However, reading https://build.envato.com/api/ I got more questions than answers.

  1. Docs say API rate is limited ( https://build.envato.com/api/#rate-limit ). However, my header does NOT contain any RateLimit tag. I believe my coding is OK because I can connect to API (I use personal token and NOT oauth) and API returns information I ask for. It even returns header with many data, except RateLimit. Does it mean no more limit, or there’s a bug in API (or my code)?

  2. Now, code verification. Which API function should I call to get item’s ID after user provides his purchase code? I did many search on forum without any luck because:
    Purchase code verify?? - suggests using “verify-purchase” function, which is not even listed at https://build.envato.com/api/
    Best way for Verifying Purchase Codes & Support Packs? - once again, the same function is suggested. Oh well, gave it a try and Envato returned "error on line 1 at column 1"
    When can we expect the API to be fixed? - purchase code was removed from “/author/sales” since then.

The worst thing is that Envato doesn’t provide a sandbox like other companies, so I can’t really test it myself; that’s why I ask here. Thank you for your replies.

Update: it looks I’ll have to use https://api.envato.com/v3/market/author/sale?code=xxx Maybe someone could show me the output of content returned by this function (you can mask sensitive data, of course). I need this to complete my API app, but because I didn’t make any sales yet, I can’t use this function. And I don’t want to make any sales before I finish API stuff…

However, API rate limit still remains unclear.

You can visit our portfolio and find a script for that, if you are interested.
You can check it here: https://codecanyon.net/item/envato-purchase-code-verify-script/19441507

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I believe the topic itself clearly indicates my question, so it makes little sense to spam this topic with your purchase links

Just wanted to provide a script that could be helpfull, and could help you even further on your API app.
Sorry for the inconvenience, on the post reply.
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Did you manage to find out what the rate limit is? I was looking for that rate limit header too and I can’t find it.

rate limit is not parameter,
they have a rate limit which means, internally they put a limit, lets say you try to access API 100,000 times in an hour…they may block you.

you don’t need to pass any variable for that.

Now I Know why some stats services like Stattie & Deeplab have some mismatch number.