Purchase code of my item for test?


I’m doing an update of my application and testing need to integrate Envato API. When the program starts, it will ask the number of purchase and verified. Is there any way that I, as an author, has a number of buying my item? It is to do the necessary tests and verify proper operation.

Thank you!

Just hard code a fake license code in to the system for testing. Or just use codes from existing buyers when testing.

Thanks for helping. I tried searching the code buy my buyers, but I can not find it. Thanks again.

Yup, I also used a code from one of my buyers.
I do wish Envato had a “sand-box” type code that we could use for testing when developing with the API.

I thought this was possible. That would be perfect, having a unique code for each item purchase, if you need to make the necessary evidence. It is wrong to have to ask the code to a buyer.

Please help me… Thanks!