Envato purchase code verifier

Hi All,

I have created the code to verify the user purchase code .
I am sure that it will work but I want to check and make sure it works as envato do not provide any test account I am not able to test it.
Can somebody please provide me their personal token and their user purchase code to just verify it.

I shall be very thankful.


You’ll only be able to do that if you have sold any item from your account, and request to the customer who have bought the item.
I don’t believe any author will “lend” his own personal token…

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But if I can pay him ?

You can try that approach to some author, but still… If he provided you onde purchase code, than you would have access to several other features concerning the API, and get data from is customers… Well, it really depends on the authors will.
I think you should try to add some other product before and wait for a sale, and then ask for that customers purchase code and after this you can try your API with your own credentials, and after that you can release that product you are currently working on.

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Can you provide your code I will pay for your plugin .

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If you buy the plugin you’ll have access to the code. We don’t sell the plugin with encrypted code.
Afterwards, and for testing purposes you can use the same purchase code we have on our script online preview.

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And what about token ?

Ok and what about the token ?

yes. Also it’s going there.

Where ?

What you actually want my friend ?

I need personal token of author and purchase code of customer so that I can test my purchase code API

Why not simply perform an emulation where you hardcode the response from the API and test that way? If you need an example response from the API, let me know.

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you better contact me directly i will help on this. but i can’t provide the purchase code

or do as per @baileyherbert suggested

Please be aware that sharing access to account or confidential account info is a breach of the the author terms

@baileyherbert’s suggestion makes much more sense.

I will take care