Implemented envato purchase code verification and now moderator is asking for purchase code

We have implemented Envato purchase code verification using Envato API and now the moderator is asking us to provide a sample purchase code. We don’t know how to send a Sample Purchase code to the approval team for testing. What are your suggestions for this problem?

Note: We are not using our own server to verify purchase code its done using Envato API Directly inside our code.

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Does your item use any installer? Did you provide any manual installation process in the documentation?

I think you need to tell the reviewer to test the script using their own license some kind of test license otherwise it is not possible.

There’s no official sandbox for testing sample purchase code in envato api. why your script will need purchase code? are you checking purchased for installation your item? if yes then you should to make a way for the reviewer to check your item abd install. In that case you can make a bypass for the reviewer using sample code (you will set it manually), so that reviewer able to install and check your item. better to make Installation free from purchased check and some premium features as like product update, support and few premium features can be maintain by purchased check.


Did you hardcode a personal token into the item in order to check purchase codes? If you did, that’s wrong. A personal token is a password into your account, so you need to keep it safe and private. It belongs only on your own server.

This would also tackle the problem of a sample purchase code, because you can simply hardcode your API to accept a specific sample code.