Is the API Down ?

I login to Envato API here:

“Author Sales” part doesn’t work. Neither in the API, nor in my local API script.

This is how it looks to me:

I know for sure that I have more sales than []. Is anyone else experiencing this ?

is there a page “0”? Have you tried “1” for the first page?

Of course I did. I tried it empty too. Nothing works - did you try :slight_smile: ? My script was running fine for about 3 months now ( since the new API was released ) until 2 days ago, it just stopped working.

Tried it and had no problems. It took a while and my browser freezes for a short time cause of the amount of data

This one doesn’t work either:

If it works for you - that means I have an account specific issue ? I wonder - how is that even possible ? Why would my account not work with the API…

works on my end. Can you try a different browser?

Just send me your login details and I’ll try it on my end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What the flying duck ?
I tried from FireFox and it gives me sales data from a plugin sales that I deleted from CodeCanoyn 3 years ago.

What do you get at page 0 ? The oldest info of your sales, or the latest ? I thought it was ordered by date DESC.

working fine ri8 now

Oh man this is f#*ked up!

Same result for

The first entry is my very first sale back in 2011! It was defiantly the other way around in the past.

@Envato what the hell? How should we build anything around you API when it changes randomly?

Phew, I’m not the only one.

Ok, now what ? How to we get the ball rolling here and the issue fixed ?

I have no idea!

They do whatever the like without explanation.

Last entry in my database was on 14.10.2015 01:55:27 UTC

There is definitely something wrong, the api returns that our last sold theme was at “sold_at”: “2010-10-25T02:42:10+11:00”, that wasn’t the last theme that we sold, and the date is similar to the theme publish date “published_at”: “2010-10-25T01:03:20+11:00”,

Lately it seems that Envato generally does whatever they want, without any regard to its authors.


oh nasty. /author/sales reversed. submitted ticket #329841

FYI they’re working on a fix now :slight_smile:

Looks like the order is correct now, but the “support_amount” is still showing up blank.

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Any statement what went wrong? Looks a bit serious to me.

All my “support_amount” fields are “0” since 2015-10-07 07:10:25 UTC and the “amount” field shows the full amount of the sale.

For a $40 item I got 28.00 in “amount” and 0.00 in “support_amount”

Before this date it was 17.50 in “amount” and 10.50 in “support amount”

Seems “support_amount” has from now on only data when there was some extra support bought.

I think the new API is still not final and they’re testing.

They shouldn’t be testing with the live API. That’s what an “edge” version of the API would be for. All purchases (themes, templates, etc.) come with 6 months of support. That’s what the “support_amount” was for. Now it seems it’s random.

What’s going on Envato?