Is analytics working right?

Hey guys, I got one question which bothers me a bit. From time to time I check analytics tab each item have and I always get a feeling it is not working right. For example I got sales on one item, but analytics shows no visitors on page this day. So the question is this - is it just me or anyone else has the same feeling? And if it is not working is there any way to track visitors flow besides google analytics which is only available to elite authors? Thanks in advance.

Hi @DigitalT1ger. Good topic. I too have seen the same thing - get a sale but analytics does not reflect a visit to the item page. I thought it might be from earlier views and/or preview downloads followed by a delay (demo + review + approval then purchase). However, they still have to go to the item page to make the purchase. So I’m confused as well. You raise a good question, but I don’t have the answers. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on the topic :slight_smile:

Well, at least I am not alone in my suspicions. :grinning:

If it’s a one off, then it’s possible the item was added to the cart before the end of the day, and they checked out at the beginning of the following day. Do you have views for the day before? If it’s happening all the time, then I guess that’s pretty unlikely though.

Few days later it appeared, the delay was about 2 days. So I think that is not real time analytics that shown. But still I have a feeling something off =)

Yes, I doubt I have the same feeling…
Actuall I really don’t believe this Analytic works properly.
I did a check and there is some different between this standard Analytic Tabs & data from Elite Google Analytics.
In most case the standard Analytic Tab show less entrances than the Elite Google one.

One of my item (not top selling theme tho) is getting very good ratio. entrance 40, sale 20 ~ 50% conversion.
I believe my item is good but not that good, that really leads a wrong impression if we look on that Tab index.