Sale Down - Due to some big decisions from Envato

Regardless items’ quality & demand, each item has its own stable conversion rate % => what control sale is traffic.
Element ads ON: less traffic
Element ads OFF: more traffic

Are there any authors releasing their work on Elements willing to share their info on sales / revenue ?

It’s very low mate. I’ve already shared it before. About $120, considering that I was in the popular list all the time.

I don’t understand, then how does it pays off to the authors ? I mean, considering there are pretty large number of items there, seems that not so small number of authors joined. I don’t see the math and logic …
Perhaps Envato bought out some templates / graphics from authors ?

If yours is an average example of authors earnings in Elements, then I’m right - Envato is converging traffic and sales away from Theme Forest and authors in there. To argument it - I have visited and browsed Elements considerably, and never seen any (top) advertisement for Theme Forest, as opposed to vice versa …

Am I on the right track, or … ?

@micemade I suppose Elemets can get some traffic to author’s Themefores profile and other themes if they have few themes there, that is why authors join.

There are is an Affiliate Program for people who are not artist/authors as well as one for them. I am new to it. Here is link found at the bottom of Envato’s web pages.

Several reviews shed light on program. Basically, there are no real incentives or being market Affiliate which would impact referrals. But first post said traffic is up. Public consensus says it might be more if affiliate incentives where better.

Just one thing to note from one of those reviews…

“It also counts if they deposit money into their account without buying something, which sounds good, unless they decide to do a small $1 deposit or something as a test. That consumes your referral credit, and that’s that”.

The minimum amount you can ‘deposit without buying something’ is $20, so there would never be an instance where you’d get 30% of somebody depositing $1.

@Bedros, we’re open to criticism. It’s a big part of this forum. But there’s a difference between criticism of an idea and an attack on the people behind it.

It’s there where we draw the line.

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@matthewcoxy May we know how long you want to keep those element banners in themeforest ?

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Thanks for replying what was never asked, and for spreading your own referral links to another site. Really shows what we’re here all about. Thanks.

I never use “bad” words, I never insult anybody, I never do “ad-hominem”.
(whether it be here or in daily social life)

Please give me an example where I attack people.

Well, if you want to see authors “silent / calm / passive” about the critical changes, then it will not happen. It can’t happen. If not me, someone else will do it. This is not a small change (far from it), not a tiny graphical design change or something like that.

What would you expect, should it be something like “Oh guys / gals it’s really great to see those banners everywhere even on our own items’ pages where we work like crazy to drive our own traffic”? Or maybe “Oh thanks for cutting my sales 50% I really appreciate that” kind of response ? Or something like “Oh yes you can sell hundreds of items for almost free from the same category I try to sell” ?
Or a kindness in royal standards? Well, no.

Of course there will be boundaries around the way we express our feelings.
But when it comes to TRUTH, Truth is Truth, it’s independent from any kind of feeling.
So, it’s not about my wording, it’s not about my pen.
It’s about what I say.


why the heck the banner keep showing?

today i closed the banner for 3 times and on refresh, again its showing.

and that bloody spelling mistakes on banner for more than a day :face_pam:

before it to used to go away for 2-3days and come up again… now they are not even doing that.


envato has many rules for authors like they can’t advertise their own sales channels via tf, cc.

then why can’t they apply same rules to them… atleast not in an aggressive manner.


Surprised to see some advice’s.
I don’t hate Elements. But the way they started and now they are doing is not satisfactory.
Envato needs to follow their own rules.
Best of luck Envato.

lol now the flagged my post.

let me repost here

why the heck the banner keep showing?

today i closed the banner for 3 times and on refresh, again its showing.

and that bloody spelling mistakes on banner for more than a day :face_pam:

before it to used to go away for 2-3days and come up again… now they are not even doing that.

What spelling mistake?

I am also getting annoyed by how often this banner pops up.
I’ve probably clicked the ‘x’ more than 50 times now.


It’s not ruining the experience, but it’s definitely a bit annoying haha.
And I actually had an Elements subscription too. Leave me alone!!! :’(

So it seems the infamous banner has a “CLOSE” button that doesn’t work.

i.e. a member of the marketplaces doesn’t want to see that and hits the “close” button.
But this is useless because the banner pops-up again.

If the close button doesn’t work, then why the banner has a “close” button?

Now, if that is not spam, then what is?

(I am really asking here. I am not saying, I am just asking. This is a question.
If that is not spam, then what is?)


According to envato
Sales are good.
Our analysis showing the overall sales are increasing !
But reality :disappointed_relieved:

I just found my comment was edited by envato ! Funny

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Hey guys can you create more Affiliates contests … with affiliates traffic, sales increase a lot and also can you remove the banner of Elements for the Affiliates links or while the contests are running , so they can stop complaining about getting their traffic redirected for other purposes.

As you know affiliates are a strong traffic source for envato so let’s work on that side.

Thank you so much. and have a nice day.

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