Is Envato dead?

Hi creative people, i came back after many months at Envato just to check, and seems like nothing has changed or has got even worse, i just searched and analysed new items sales unfortunately the are nowhere.

It’s sad and painful to see, maybe it was like Logan’s time (Wolverine).

Never give up,


How can you expect authors to make some sales when Envato is giving thousands of items for just $29 and putting a banner for it on top of the marketplaces? (and, just wait and see what happens to “sales” when they include WordPressThemes to EnvatoElements.)


Your question: Is Envato dead? My answer: Yes!
Nothing more to say.


Compared to 5 years ago, it looks to be about 10 or 20 times harder to get sales on Graphic River. It’s not dead when it comes to new items being uploaded, looks like more new flyers than ever are being uploaded. I’m sure Sevenstyles is still getting good sales, but for the average author it looks very bad. I think Envato are letting Graphic River roll on and keep growing, but elements must have taken a bunch of the sales.

I totally agree with you, i don’t get how some people know the wrong thing and they don’t change or just don’t care what is happening cuz they have made money and no need for stupid creative people who make awesome items for low (cheap) price!