Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!


This is a call for Envato management, Collis Ta’eed, and all decision makers.

Please separate Elements and make it independent entity,
There’s no reason why elements should eat away the original Envato market in order to succeed.

Elements can succeed and thrive without taking away buyers from the original market.

Me and most of my fellow authors here, have dedicated our last years creating catalogs in this market.
The banner and diverting clients to a different market, is not respecting neither the authors who made this market so great, or Envato.

If you agree, please reply: I support

Gravely low sales on the AJ Popular Files list

I support


I do agree 100%. I simply do not understand why we are all here trying to sell individual sync licenses for $20 to $1000 or more to professional media producers and Envato is simultaneously and relentlessly trying to get those customers to “switch” to a new business model that charges $16.50 a month for all you can download. They are advertising the service on our home pages, at check out, and in weekly e-mail campaigns.

Stop advertising elements on the markets. It makes no sense. You are asking customers to spend less money.


I would just be happy if they’d retire this banner from Audiojungle pages;


It’s one thing to advertise Elements on the web or wherever Envato likes, but to have this banner on all of our item pages is actively poaching potential customers away when they are moments away from buying our items.

It’s boosting Elements customers at the cost of directly handicapping Audiojungle authors.


I don’t know about a totally separate company but it would make much more sense if the Elements marketing team were asked to focus all their efforts on attracting new customers to Elements rather than taking the easy route of stealing existing customers from the market places.

The latter may be easy pickings, but the net effect is very likely to decrease Envato’s overall profits, whereas getting genuinely new customers would have the opposite effect.



In my opinion the top Elements banner should be removed in respect of the exclusive authors on the markets.

At the bare minimum I think it should be disabled until:

  • Elements has cross marketing implemented that goes over to the markets as well, not just one way.

  • Affiliate authors are getting paid for their work driving traffic to the market which is detoured over to Elements, even if it’s just a couple of percent that ends up there.

  • Elements has implemented price tiers that suits different markets and not just the low budget one.

  • Customers get back 1 transaction fee free option.

  • Envato Elements logo is present on the advertising banner.




I support






Remove the banner at the top and in the shopping basket, search for new customers on the Internet or anywhere, do not take away customers from AudioJungle!


I agree and support 100% !


I agree. My sales of Audiojungle fell exactly from the day when music became available to buyers on Elements (from November 15, 2018).

It feels like authors are being showered with mud. :unamused:






+1. I agree with this thread, but the fact that we are even having to request that Envato stop relentlessly promoting a competing, lower-priced alternative to our portfolios (many of which are exclusively offered at AudioJungle) - on the marketplace where our portfolios are - is discouraging.


100% Agree

Because lounging sometime new does mean that you should discourage or kill the existing author or products who actually made this market.

This is my opinion.


Definitely +1


A bit too late. Want it or not priority now id Elements.


+1. It’s not too late for envato to show that they care about their authors.