Can you please stop promoting this elements thing and improve the platform that made you who you are ?

Our sales is at a record low. Even at a scary low level… Why don’t you improve the platform that made you millions ? Why divide the community of people ? Seems that ever since you released that $29 for everything authors are getting screwed… so many hours spent into making something and no one will ever see it…

From a hundred or more views in 2-3 days on a item to 11 views in a week… I’m sorry but this is disgusting. Something really has to be changed and it seems that these kinds of posts go into the eather, no one is responding to them.


There are fewer and fewer people on this forum. Many authors have abandoned it because no one paid attention to their complaints. Envato has changed irreversibly for the worse, unfortunately.


Why to invest months to an item, while thousands of others sold all together for almost free on the SAME marketplace with such blatant advertising?
For a few hours of front page visibility?
(Of course, if we can have a fresh breath from that spammy banner?)

A fixed banner on top of the marketplace that shouts “hey buy from here look it’s almost FREE”, nonstop, + all of the Advertising Efforts will blatantly be ruined with the same confusing “c’mon c’mon buy from here” banner? Even on authors’ own page?

A marketplace where you can’t even promote your own items without any distraction?
To whom it may consider ; you really think this is logical?

Don’t you think you had enough promotion yet?


Envato please remember what made you don’t push us away. We are dying here!


I wondered why my sales had completely died … guess I know the answer. Time to move on I guess.

As far as I can see you are selling on AudioJungle. AudioJungle is not added to ELEMENTS (YET), but surely it will in the future and it will have the impact.


haha, ok. i guess my sales died for some other reason

Most of the people live with the alms that remains today and can’t complain, we can only remember the old days.
We know that are many talented people here, why we can’t recreate a new old market? Because those who live with very little do not have enough resources, and those with many resources do not complain about the current situation, they don’t care I think. Crazy right? I still love Envato and I would always be faithful to him, but I feel disappointed too.


I wish they can stop showing that 29$ banner !


I think all old authors still love envato it was and still is part of our jurney for a long time in my case seven years this is why I am asking for them to give us attention again not to focus just on the top authors.

What attention would you like?

In Spain there is a saying that says…
“The avarice breaks the bag” = La avaricia rompe el saco
It would be a pity that great authors abandoned envato because of elements

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Well Facebook made $27bn in 2016. Based on the $0.5bn Envato have paid out in the last 11 years, their average annual revenue over that total period is about $100m. Give or take. That’s 270 times less than Facebook… but I’d like to think their features and development technologies aren’t 270 times worse than Facebook.

“but I’d like to think their features and development technologies aren’t 270 times worse than Facebook.” That is just a speculation, you can’t really number how many things are worse on envato then on FB because they are different platforms, but we know what is wrong with envato at the moment. And dividing the community by spamming that elements banner is one of the problems.


I wish they stop any services like envato elements and work to promote authors & make them strong so that envato can earn even more and so authors can continue making great things for this platform.

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Well it’s not an equation, it’s just an observation. My point is that from what I can see, and what I experience on a daily basis… the Envato website is not 270 times worse than Facebook website, when it comes to features and technology. Maybe it’s 100 times worse, 20 times worse, or even 269 times worse… I don’t have an exact figure for you.

The point is that Schiau feels that due to all the money Envato makes, they should be competing with Facebook when it comes to features and technology. So I thought it was important to point out that although they’re a relatively large and successful company, Envato are pretty small-fry compared to the big boys.