Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!




I agree and support 100%!


I support


I support this too. It should be separate from AJ without any banners leading potential customers away from our portfolios that we build for years and years in my case.

I understand the concept of elements and I’m not against it, but it should not interfere with AJ in any way.











I do agree 100%!!!


I support


I’m impartial about this right now, however…

One thing I never understood was the fact that Envato claimed Elements wouldn’t cannibalise sales on AJ, because it catered to a different type of client. If so, why advertise it on AJ? Wouldn’t that be targeting the wrong demographic?

IMO Envato should be leveraging Social Media / YouTube ads to promote Elements. Siphoning sales away from AJ is only going to destroy the market.


No matter what, when it comes to the industry, the damage is already been done, and Elements’ effects are irreversible now.

When you GIVE AWAY thousands of items for almost FREE (and we’re talking about items for which authors have invested weeks, months, and in some cases even years), it will have consequences. Not only in “Envato Marketplaces” but also in the entire industry.

Just don’t expect anything positive on this.
Just have a look into the past and see what they have done, it will definitely give you a clue about the future.


But from the point of view of the Elements marketing team canabilising existing customers is probably the easiest way of meeting sales targets! It all feels strategically very disconnected.


Absolutely. The only reason I can think of is that advertising is very expensive and the cost of cannibalising the markets is much less expensive in a total calculation (for Envato). It is a possibility that huge amounts of customers use less than $198 a year on the different markets. Remember all the markets have different buying behaviour as well, so some markets suffer more than others with these banners.

Envato; please don’t underestimate the intelligence of authors when you respond to this. We understand that the advertising on our markets, is aimed at our markets.

Elements has 100k+ subscribers, it’s not a toddler anymore, but a strong grown up business. Start investing in advertising on YouTube and start cross over marketing from Elements–>Markets so that the market authors can get something back from all the unpaid advertising and sales that has been grabbed from them.


Support 100%


I have a great idea Music Authors. Just leave Elements. Literally shut the music component of elements down and remove your music from that ecosystem. Oh, I know some of you were pleasantly surprised by that first earnings report, but were all of you surprised?

If your total income does not grow with elements, I strongly suggest that you shut the service down. There is no logic to participating in a cheap licensing service unless your income goes up, and grows. Even a “no change” makes no sense long term.

Do you really think that long term, even medium term, even next month your aj earnings will remain stable and elements will provide that second income therefore making you more money? Will all of this relentless advertising of $16.50 all you can eat ON OUR OWN PAGES, every day, all day, non-stop…really motivate customers to buy a sync licence for say $20 to $60?

And how about all those elements customers who used the service for other “elements”, but still bought sync licenses prior to December 2018?. Do you really think that they will now reach into their pockets to spend money on sync licenses when suddenly 13,000 tracks appeared for unlimited free download for the $16.50 a month they already paid?

I don’t blame Envato, they are getting what they want which is 100,000 customers paying $16.50 a month, every month. I blame music producers. You folks are the one’s who seem to really believe that Envato is going to march towards 10,000,000 subscribers making you rich. Think again. Additionally, do you have any pride in the value of your work?


I support.


You are right.
I remember Envato said on the forum that they are aiming for new clients and not taking away our clients.



I will most likely remove my item from Elements if things remain as they are.


@BenLeong @KingDog @collis
It would be great if someone from Envato would explain this.