Sales Low

Sales still very slow on Elements.Is the new search engine working ?


I don`t think that the main issue for low sales was search engine at the first place. There could be many factors at once. We just dont have any data to analyze. If we could have at least information about how many downloads we get for each of our items then we could approximately know the trend. (blue performance bars dont help at all)
In my opinion the price for subscription has to be raised according to inflation and the amount of added content. Right now the subscription is very cheap and clearly the amount of subscribers overall cant compensate anything if 1 download = ~1-5 cents or something depending on the subscribers behavior. If subscriber just comes to download as much as possible then it is bad for us.


yep indeed i agree

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i mostly sell tracks for peanuts


There are 4 issues

  1. No content bonus
  2. Enterprise licence fee cut
  3. New search engine to promote new authors .
  4. Subscription model due to which all other sites are facing revenue collapse
  5. New content is flooding the market . Percentage of content growth far exceed the percentage of revenue growth
    As author that were contributing from last many years . We are not in demand anymore . So that’s why we are getting less and less money for more hard work and investment . My income have crashed 60% in 3 years and 40% in 4 months . but I have uploaded lot of new content . My monthly expense in creating new videos will be soon equal to the money that I made . Soon I will be left with only one option to stop creating more content

After getting this month’s Elements payment, I’m literally 2-3 months away from quitting Elements entirely. I’m making almost the same amount on other stock sites than on Element, no point to give it away here for pennies when other sites actually pay authors and give useful stats.


Bad price policy, unfair profit policy. Earn 1 cent per download and more. I’ve been here for 8 years but if envato doesn’t fix something it will be over for good. The sad part is that envato is not very keen on fixing things. That’s just the way it is.


sales are down and they are not stopping from falling down … someone is doing something so that author should get least out of it … things changed drastically after they cut enterprise earning …


There are several other threads regarding the sales falling down and no one from Envato staff cared to give some insight on the matter or some info on future plan.

We are just cows to milk until death.

@BenLeong am I wrong?


Work hard . Find new ways , Survive this inflation with falling income

Envato has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by ShutterStock.

Will my fonts be $0.1 per download ? :thinking:


I’m done with elements.

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