This really isn't fair. We need to solve this!



Hi Emile, thanks for the response! I really appreciate you taking time to join this discussion.

However, it would be nice if we could get more precise answers.

When you said “We are working to combine them” via email, I got an impression that connecting Market and Elements via the same links was just a matter of time. What does “we are still reviewing” actually mean, what is currently happening? Does that mean you are working on the technical solution for connecting markets and elements, or does it mean that you are reviewing how clients act and whether this is worth doing? What technical limitations do you face and why they can’t be solved for so long? We have a lot of CodeCanyon authors here who would understand what you are talking about, so please share it with us so we can better understand what’s happening.

We don’t know what is the vast majority, as we don’t have access to numbers. So we don’t know on how much revenue are we missing out.

Again, we don’t know the exact numbers here… Even if this is true and most clients don’t go to Elements, no one should lose any money from clients that do go there.
We can’t just say that only some clients go there so it’s not that bad. That still doesn’t make it right or fair. We deserve a cut for every customer. We do the work, we bring the clients. Every client counts. I don’t want to accept clients that do go to Elements as a “collateral damage” and just move on.

Would you agree that it would at least be fair to disable all Elements banners for traffic via affiliate links while you are working on a solution? Until Market and Elements are connected, we are doing free promotion for Elements. No one wants to work for free.

I’m gonna repeat what I said earlier… Most of the affiliates tagged here generate thousands and thousands of clicks. Probably more than 10 000/month. Even if only 10 people sign up for annual Elements they just lost 1200$. That would be from 0.1% clicks. Just think about that for a second.
I bet not one of them would say oh it doesn’t matter, most of the people don’t click on these banners anyway.

Yes, I forgot about this. What about the people who are not spending only a lot of time and energy on promotions, but also paying a lot of money on google ads and sending traffic to Envato products? They did not signed up for paying promo for Elements either.

@emile_b I know you understand that this is a big and urgent issue, so please make this a top priority in Envato affiliates/partnerships team. We need to know how and when this will be handled. Thanks for your support!


@SteelSound did you even read the initial post? This thread is about affiliates. We all know by now you think Elements is the devil and authors there should be ashamed for joining, you’ve said it 100 times. But it’s completely non-related to affiliates.


Hi Emile, and thanks for updating us, I guess this is not all your call alone.

I would like to say though that this argument above is not a satisfying answer in any way, shape or form. These authors are not being paid for their services.

If Envato is no rush with this, do you have a system so you can trace up the traffic backwards and pay the authors later on?


You did not address any points on this thread.

Just saying “we hear you and understand” is not good enough!

Affiliate money is being hijacked, due to your “technical limitations”. We demand real answers and solutions so that this doesn’t happen anymore.


@collis are you aware of this issue? I believe you also think this is not fair. What happened to “When the community succeeds, we succeed” moto? :slight_smile:
We are working for your company and not getting paid in this case. This is very sad, I hope you can chime in and share your thoughts/help us. I know you are very busy but I think this is really important issue.


Wave Toys it has everything to do with the relentless marketing of elements on the envato market. Through the “affiliates” program you are trying to drive customers to the market to license individual sync licenses only to then be undercut and betrayed by relentless “Elements advertising”. “SUPER CHEAP MUSIC AND UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS BY CLICKING HERE!!!”

It’s like a restaurant owner advertising their amazing food on facebook, but then when the customer comes to eat…there are signs shouting “Hey the food is a lot cheaper and better at the restaurant next door!”.

We’re all trying to sell tracks for $20 to $50 on this market only to be undermined relentlessly by a banner ad that says “HEY UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS OF MUSIC FOR JUST $16.50”. Sorry but that is pure insanity and a conflict of interests by those who foolishly chose to participate.










Hello! I saw @wavetoys message (as i’m here on the forums this week for the public impact statement we released).

I’m just checking with the team, but as @emile_b says it’s a very small fraction of traffic that goes through from Market to Elements, I believe the impact is one or two percent. That said, it’s a good question for us to consider and make sure is not materially disadvantaging affiliates.

I know the Market team is looking into that banner on the shopping cart page - it feels like a bit of a dumb place to advertise Elements given the customer has intent at that point - we should let them purchase and then we can always upsell afterwards.

On our agenda for 2019 is to make our cross marketing a bit smarter, it’s very blunt right now which is effective, but I feel like there are some times where we’re just annoying a customer instead of telling them about something they’d find helpful. We know that there are different types of customers who want different things (for example - specific purchase or particular licensing for a project, vs subscription to persistently quickly use and comp different projects) and if there’s a customer who wants one thing, we want them to know the other exists without hassling them! :-/


Hi Collis, thanks for the response, really appreciate it!

To be honest, I still don’t think that losing money from even 2% of customers is OK. We earned that money. So far, all the authors/affiliates share my opinion so I think we all can agree on that 100%. If someone is doing the work, he should get paid for that. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1$ or 1000$. Simple as that.
Envato gets a new customer and money in any case, and for the affiliate, this is now a lottery. Maybe he’ll get the cut, maybe he won’t. Doesn’t look like a fair partnership. :slight_smile:

If we translate this to the real life, money from a 2-3 referrals form annual Elements subscribers equals to monthly apartment rent for a lot of people here. And for the big affiliates with the huge number of traffic, 2% could mean losing a lot of money each month. I just can’t find a way to justify this.
Anyway, it’s really nice of you to respond here and I respect that, but I know this is something Marketing team should deal with, so here are some practical ideas for them on how to solve this:

A) Connect the markets and Elements via the same affiliate link. (Customer has a choice, Envato don’t lose anything, and affiliate gets a fair share, whether from the Market or Elements. Both sides happy)

B) Disable banners for traffic that comes via affiliate links. Envato doesn’t get a chance to promote Elements now, but it’s a fair game. If the customer makes a purchase on the Market, both sides earn money. If not, no one earns money. Fair play.

C) Simply disable all the Elements marketing on Markets. Fair to the non-affiliate authors who don’t want to participate in Elements and fair solution for the affiliates. Affiliates can choose to promote markets or elements directly, without the traffic being hijacked to the other place and losing money. But in this case, Envato doesn’t get a chance to promote Elements on the markets for free, so I guess this is something Envato wants to avoid at all costs. That would result in compensating for the lost traffic through spending more on Google Ads promotions to keep the same growth.

Anyway, I guess the most realistic option we can expect to happen is the option A. Now, the big question: Is this technically possible? If not, why?


Thanks @WaveToys - I think it’s valid feedback and the team are now discussing options – I think there are more beyond those three actually, but they are definitely three good ones! :slight_smile:


Agreed, thanks for the super valid points here @WaveToys, this amongst other points, will be something myself and the wider Marketing team will be discussing.





Thanks for taking this issue seriously! I think Wavetoys arguments are very valid indeed and boils down to 100% fair play for the affiliate authors.

I must say its very refreshing and motivating to have you around the forum Collis, maybe you can stop by more often in the future? :sweat_smile:

No but seriously some extra authoritative presence on the forum from time to time is really needed in some more complex issues I think. Would help with minimising lost communication travelling upwards in the system and speed things up, all for the greater good.

Collis if you have some available time this week (no pressure :slight_smile: ), please feel free to check out AJ related topics which fits the This isn´t fair/We need to solve this box. But more interestingly these topics contains some pretty great and simple suggestions on how to increase Envatos revenue, improve customer experience and raise the quality of AudioJungle:

Thank you so much for your time! (And sorry for the off topic Wavetoys, I will leave not elaborate)


Agreed. Super cool to see you around @collis, and it’s much appreciated that you’re taking the time to engage with everyone.

I’d like to echo @MojoSoundtrackMusic here and emphasise that new items really need more attention. Right now the search results in AJ are crowded with top sellers, and as a result there is virtually no chance for new items to gain traction and become popular files. I’m sure everyone wants AJ to remain a marketplace that evolves with the trends, rather than a stale website that showcases the same old top seller tracks. And that’s coming from me, who wrote AJ’s 2nd top seller of all time! :wink:

If you have the time, please do read this thread of mine: AJ's search algorithm is not sustainable. The Popular Files list is going stale.

I believe that improving the search engine to showcase both proven top sellers and new trending items will benefit the market in profound ways for both customers and authors / Envato.




Fully support, that @WaveToys talk about!


As a Moderator I can second this as well. There are tons of customers opening support topics to report about being confused due to the banner. It’s great news to hear that this is getting attended to! :smiley:

Connecting Envato Elements with the Marketplaces is a must, not vice versa, which is the current system and is causing massive confusions left and right.

Personally, I strongly believe buyers on Elements need to have clear, well defined terms about item support, and getting the ability to purchase a separate license on the marketplaces for full support.

Advertising Elements on the Marketplaces is not the greatest idea. Elements already launched and is self sustaining, the marketplaces need love too! :smiley:

Later edit: to clarify, I a referring to the checkout Elements banner.