Does Envato act against the authors of Envato markets?

That’s a very strange headline, isn’t it? But…

Just imagine the picture - You have created a new project for Videohive and you start to think about the marketing company - order advertising, place links in social networks to attract more potential buyers to your project. But at this moment when you’re all done and a potential buyer put your project to the cart, Envato shows him the ad banner on unlimited downloads of high-quality goods on Elements. Is that okay? Is that fair? This happens directly in the cart when a person should not be distracted to anything to finish a purchase. In other words, on this banner, Envato could write - “It’s your final step. Are you sure about the purchase? Maybe you should go to another market, it’s cheaper here!”. For me as an author it is absurd, it is nonsense, it should not be at all.

And all this is happening against the background of the incessant dissatisfaction of the individual group of buyers who are disappointed with the cancellation of the credit system and an additional $2 fee for each one-time purchase. - We’re removing Envato Credits from Market

In confirmation of the fact that this banner is working, I just received a message from one author from VideoHive, he says that he received already 4 messages from potential buyers, who had added his project to the cart, then saw the banner and then wrote to this author -

123 and "it says here i can download unlimited photo and video from Videohive website ". The project of this author costs $33. Until now, none of these 4 people have bought his project.

Envato once said that the Element is designed to attract new types of customers, but then why are they trying to show the advertising in the shopping cart of Videohive, the cart of a client who has already put the goods there? He is not a “new type” of customers, he is a customer of this market if decided to buy this product here. This is another confirmation that Envato is not just trying to find new types of customers, but also trying to lure customers from the regular market.

Does Envato act against the authors of Envato markets? This ad banner speaks for itself. Otherwise, please, someone from Envato staff, could you explain to me why you are doing this with us? Why do you put in my shopping cart the ads of another market to which I am not related? Is it just because you can do that? But by this, you are showing incredible and awful disrespect for all authors, trying to steal customers from them and send them to your other market.

Your author since 2009, Wayman.


Heya Wayman, I hope you don’t mind me replying to you, I’m an author here since 2009, and I can shed some light on this as well.

Putting it on a different angle. You’re ready to get the latest ePhone, you checked, rechecked, it pefectly suits everything you ever needed. You’re on a timeline (as most buyers are) and you need to get it yesterday. You finally found your product, then an ad shows up “Unlimited ePhones for $33 instead of $25”. Here comes the most important factor of all. Is your potential buyer ready to strike a deal for your item. Is it “the one”? If it is, nothing will change their mind.

The marketplaces are indeed for a type of customer, and Elements for another type, but they do intertwine at some point, since both serve “I wanna purchase Stock Digital Goods” customers, which in turn makes Elements drives traffic to the Market and vice versa. The more buyers on both camps, the better. And they will intertwine since most authors don’t upload their entire portfolios, and there are absolutely TONS of great stuff unavailable on Elements and vice versa.

I doubt that mate. Let’s take a different scenario into account, one that use actual numbers. There are Videos, Themes, Audio, Graphics, 3D files that cost more than an average subscription, lots even in the triple digit range, correct? So, out of a single subscriber, Envato racks up 50% of that purchase, let’s say out of $33 they get $16.5, the rest gets split to contributors, even less when the price is $16, but that’s not the point.

Now, out of a SINGLE item sold on the Market worth more than $50 Envato gets more revenue than 1 Single Subscriber. So, the Marketplaces definitely generate more revenue. Why would Envato act on killing the major source of income?

Plus, both cater for the same thing, to have the most “interested/likely to purchase” buyers interested as a conversion to Envato’s Goods and Services.

Envato Marketplaces - Stock Goods Interested Visitors
Envato Elements - Stock Goods Interested Visitors
Envato PlaceIt - Stock Goods Interested Visitors
Envato Studio - Customization Works
Envato Tuts - Learning and Knowledge

Both attract the same quality of visitor, one that is interested in purchasing stock goods. So attracting one to Elements is automatically making him a potential buyer for the Marketplaces and vice versa. It’s a great marketing tactic to drive more users with a common interest to the Market and to Elements, which in term is a win-win scenario for everyone.

I’m not saying sales will not be affected, but I’m also saying, sales can grow due to the increase customer base sharing the same end goal and the increase of customers visiting the ecosystem which currently is expanding to fit all potential “Digital Goods” interested visitors. Which, in my humble opinion, can only be a fantastic thing in the end.

Cheers mate, looking forward to your thoughts.
Your author colleague since 2009, Enabled :slight_smile:


Last time I checked out Elements I must say I was surprised how hard it was to check out more of the authors marketplace portfolio from there. No direct links. I had to first cut and paste the authors name, then find the tiny marketplace icon down to the bottom left and then choose the correct marketplace, and then cut and paste the authors name in the search field. Please enlighten me if there is an easier way to do this.

I don´t understand why there is no more straightforward links to the market, it would seem like a win win situation to drive traffic both ways.


It is a win-win. I check the forums daily, and there are tons of customers asking where they can get a certain products they saw on Elements from the marketplace because they need support, or they need more products from the same producer.

This has to be understood from a different point of view. Elements & Marketplaces are absolutely unique. The Marketplaces are around for 12 years, in which time tons and tons have tried and failed, yet Envato is moving forward. A/B Split tests are constantly conducted for the best course of action on Elements and the Marketplaces.

We’re in it for the ride!

That’s a good thing if you ask me! Equal chances for all, I guess? :slight_smile:

I didn’t try to check out more from somebody’s marketplace portfolio, but I can say that after adding items to elements my videohive visitors tripled in first week, and now they are doubled as a permanent situation.

So yeah, it works vice versa.


Sorry not following this, why is it a good thing that it is so hard to find a videohive authors portfolio from Elements?

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No mate, I’m saying it’s a good thing not to easily find the author on Elements, not on the marketplaces. Since it doesn’t favor one authors Elements portfolio. On the market you can view an authors other items, but on elements, having the free download all option, downloading all items of a single author can drown the rest. Please let me know if I explained it right this time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback mate! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Agree with @Enabled. We are all here to satisfy customers. Not Envato and not authors, but happy client must be on the first place. So think about this banner once again. If buyer needs specifically this item, he will buy this item. If he doesn’t care much, it’s Envato duty to inform him that there is a better choice. Once again satisfied client is the most important thing. He will appreciate it.

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No Problems :slight_smile:

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And come back for more! That’s the most important aspect! A happy customer, is always a return customer. And having plenty of choices is a sure thing to make customers happy!

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That I totally understand, but I meant opposite. Why is it so hard to find authors portfolio from Elements to Videohive? Wouldn´t it be beneficial to have a directlink to each authors marketplace porfolio via Elements itself?

It’s obvious. :grin:

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As I said mate, it’s a matter of A/B Split test. But I do recommend sending your feedback to Envato Elements Support. They’re highly interested in these ideas and always listen and note them for analysis. Use this link >
Elements Help Ticket.


wow, to me, its for sure envato take the customer to element, if we talk about to classify buyers, then we will lost a lot of potential customer.

when people searching something on videohive they’re not looking to one item, a lot of items!!!

then? you saw the good offer from element?

many people will thinking “why not try to go there?”

then? we loose the sales.

the promotion banner is really killing author. there are “no specific” buyers
they are random buyer who try to find something they need.
we can’t compared our stuff like selling a car or electronic with specific detail that customer need it. we offer “OUR CREATIVITY”


While I do see your perspective, take a minute to read my reply to the first post. It might shed a different light on the overall situation.

Why should I put it from a different angle?

I’ve already given you an example where people put an item in a shopping cart and then see an ad for another market and don’t buy that item. Thank you, friend, for your time, desire to explain shed a different light on the overall situation, but it does not shed a light on the overall situation and it does not answer the question why Envato redirects a customer right from the cart to another market.

I was going to order advertising to attract people to my product, but when I saw this ad, all my plans were ruined. I do not want to pay to Envato to redirect customers to another market. This is absurd. You can call it cross-marketing, A / B testing or something else, but this does not explain why Envato does it in such a perfidious way in relation to other authors.

If this author is on Elements, then fine, he works in two markets. Why do you do this with authors who are not related to another market? These markets are common for Envato, but for me as an author from Videohive, Elements is a competitor like other markets. And now I see advertising of another market in the cart of my buyer. Great.

I appreciate your answer, my friend, but please don’t tell me again that if a person wants to buy your product, he will buy it all the same, etc. Because I know it. But it does not mean that you need to advertise another market inside the cart, because there are also people who have any doubts, and instead of convincing a person that his choice is right, at least do not disturb him from understanding it, Envato just suggests him another choice.

And so that we no longer return to the words “cross-marketing” just show me the top banner from the Elements to Videohive, the link from an items on Element to Videohive, or maybe a banner from the purchase page of the Elements subscription. I found only a small link in the basement of Elements site leading to the Envato markets ( and that’s it.

I personally have only one question for you. Let’s say you do not know the statistics of other markets, about the transitions of people, etc., you sell only in one market, you sell a product that does not need the support of the author. Do you really think that displaying advertisements in the shopping cart to the person who put your product there, and offering him to visit another cheaper market with a similar product, is that correct? (Please, if it is not difficult for you, you can answer this question without a large number of examples. I gave you a specific example, just imagine this situation, please, and answer as simple as you can. Thanks in advance.)


Because you can and you should always see things from multiple perspectives to get a better grasp on stuff.

No worries mate! As I said, to you and others agreed, if a customer is ready to buy, and I gave you an example with the “ePhone” thing, nothing will change their minds. That’s guaranteed.

I did that, results were awesome. It didn’t matter that there are ads there. Your targeted audience for your paid advertisement will not care about the Elements Ad. If they clicked your advertisement to get your product, they won’t care about anything else if they’re ready to make the purchase.

Does Elements & Marketplaces attract the same type of visitor? The one that wants to purchase / get Digital Goods? If yes, then how are they competing to eachother. One offers a subscription model, the other a paid individual model.

It’s quite big, if you ask me.

Of course, I can give you the best example of all. Are you still making sales? If you’re making 0 sales, yes, you’re right, the ad is screwing people up. If you’re making sales, it clearly means that folks don’t care and are purchasing your item regardless of that advertisement.

I can’t make it any simpler than this… it’s Cross marketing. More users on the market is always better and on Elements because they send traffic to one another.


Sorry, but this binary argument is quite fallacious. Your making more than 0 sales does not mean your sales are not impacted by those ads.


I was replying to the scenario given by Wayman. If you are truly stating those ads stop all customers from completing a purchase, then it means you’re making 0 sales.

My initial argument was simpler than this. If your customer is ready to buy your file, not even the apocalypse will change his mind.