Does envato encourage non-exclusive authors to copy the same video?

Hello, I apologize first.

I have commented on this issue several times and ruined the mood of the forum.

Nevertheless, please forgive me so I can talk about this issue.
I hope this will be the last post I have written on this problem


This is a thread I wrote a while ago.

Eventually this was considered a copyright-related issue, the discussion ended, and the thread was made invisible on the list.

However, the video is still being copied by many users who suddenly appeared.
They Realizing that envato wasn’t taking any special action, they started copying videos.

I found a site where they were stealing videos. Of course the video is not resaleable.

Yes, it is. As you told me, Copyright issues must be resolved by the original author through DMCA.

But, how about copying the same video in the market?

I have been watching their activities for a month, but nothing has changed.

Finally, they ended up overtaking my sales.

I made and uploaded more videos in less time than they did. But, their sales are three times more than me.
Of course, the number of sales could be due to the poor quality of my videos. It’s not just jealousy.
Every time I uploaded a video, I was able to see my video being buried in cool pirate videos.

They have obviously been stealing great videos from others with little effort, and I would like to tell you that they are overwhelming the sales of other authors who spend their time working on Videohive.

As the number of sales of similar types of videos plummeted, the authors eventually started an unnecessary price competition.

Do you think it makes sense that creating a non-exclusive account and stealing videos and selling them can make more money?

Why does Envato allow it? There are a lot of videos that have already been found.

The authors uploading pirate videos can be found in my previous thread, and there are more authors that I did not list in the thread.

I hope envato doesn’t do the stupid behavior of inviting them to elements by any chance.
(I am talking about this because I am the author of the element)

Before making my thread invisible, I ask for a solution to the problem.
I wish this problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Incidentally, this applies not only to motion graphics footages, but also to stock footages.

Well they get percentage from sales… even those by thieves so… Obviously they do not encourage this and ban such people when reported, but realistically it’s not possible to catch them all in a timely manner. And after a ban, they will probably create new accounts :thinking:

Although not sure if they only ban their account, or also their IP adress. Or if they perhaps also send a report to their linked payout payoneer/paypal account.

The later would be the most effective cause then they get their paypal/payoneer banned for fraudulent activity, and I assume it’s later hard to create a legit new account with your name :thinking: Unless it’s easy to create a new account with fake info… Haven’t tried that, so don’t know :smiley::sweat_smile:

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Of course, Envato is unlikely to encourage illegal and misleading activities.
So why did I write the title of this thread that way? Because it looks like that.

What happened because the authors to upload pirated videos weren’t banned? They started uploading the same videos to each other.
For them, the person who uploads first is the owner.

As envato’s action I found, only a few of the same videos that were uploaded later were deleted.
I only know a few. However, I also know of many that are not being addressed at all.

How did I get to know them?
I just searched on the market by simple words like ‘particle’ or ‘abstract’.
Even though it is an easily detectable problem, there is no action.

It means an unsolved problem in the end, and it will make bad changes are expected accordingly.
Maybe, there could be a reason. And I wrote this because I Just wanted to know why.

In addition to these problems, I have one more question.

During discussion in another thread, I witnessed a situation in which some authors’ perceptions of re-uploading videos made by motion graphics authors only by changing colors were generous.

And when I look at the market conditions over the past few months, it seems as really it’s allowed.

If so, is it possible for everyone to download videos from other exclusive authors from elements, change colors, re-upload and sell to a Videohive non-exclusive account, without spending time creating a video?

Why make a video?

We just have to create a non-exclusive account and upload other people’s great videos.

All authors will think so.

Honestly, if this situation continues, I don’t want to upload a motion graphic video.

I would like to know if there are clear rules for this case.

Sooner or later, the motion graphics and stock footage market will probably be messed up if no special changes happen in videohive.