Envato exclusive authors selling items on other markets.

Hi there,
I am still newbie here and have a question about author exclusivity. Is it common and correct that Envato exclusive authors sell their items on other markets? I see many exclusive authors doing this. Is this normal?
Thanks for your opinion.

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Nope, that’s definitely not allowed. Please report any such instances to the Envato Help Center and they will deal with those authors swiftly.


This is Exclusivity Author Policy:

you are not able to upload Envato exclusive item other market place that already explain @baileyherbert still have any question contact with Envato help already given the help center link.


Exclusive authors are allowed to sell their items in another platform if the items are not the same as in here. If you found exactly similar items, then you can report it to Envato Support.

Well, well. I have just reported two cases. I picked random exclusive authors and searched other markets. One of them sells exactly the same items including videopreview and under same name. Second one sells under same name but with a bit changed videopreview. Author used different photos for previewvideo but project is the same, I am sure.
I am losing confidence that exclusivity means something for some authors.

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Thanks for reporting they(Envato Team) will send him notice soon will down their template soon.

Btw, What if somebody purchased Item from envato and resell it in other platforms?
Is there some mechanism to find out is it different person or the same?

Exactly!!! This opens huge problem and frightens me. I think there is no force to avoid it.

I start believing this happens as we speak. This might work vice versa.

I’m sure there is no massive fact of such kind of actions. And there is no long-term income from this because of take downs, and It might be no income at all, so kinda risky deal

You could contact the author first, ask him to send DMCA because somebody stole his item. Also tell him, if he don’t do this, you will contact Envato because you think he breaks rules.

By the way, are you sure that those “other markets” is not just referral sites that bring customers to videohive, when they click on “buy” bottom?

I am 100% positive the other markets are not referring to Envato marketplace. I have sent requests to Envato Help Center to sort it out. Thank you.

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