Can we sell our items with higher price on other marketplace?


If someone is exclusive author, can he sell his items on other marketplace with higher price??

means if he has an item with 20$ on envato, can he sell it with 30$ on other marketplace to target people who don’t see his item on envato ??

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By definition, “exclusive” author means you can NOT sell the same item elsewhere, otherwise, it wouldn’t be “exclusive” to Envato anymore. In order to sell the same item somewhere else (for whatever price), you need to set your account with Envato to “non-eclusive” and accept the lower commission rate of 30%.

Thanks, another question please … what if i published my item with new full reskin like in mobile apps and maybe add one or two feature to be different ??

or maybe only add a big feature ??

If you’re exclusive you’re exclusive, respect it and don’t try to work around. You can sell items on other marketplaces as long as they aren’t also on Envato, but they need to be significantly different, not just “reskins”

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OK, thanks man :slight_smile:

But what if i have items on other marketplace can i remove it then sell it exclusively on codecanyon ??

Of course if you remove items from other marketplaces and sell only on codecanyon, then it’s exclusive.

@NileWorx You can always opt for two accounts - one for your Exclusive work and another account for your Non-Exclusive work. This would then allow you to sell your Non-Exclusive work on multiple sites. Here’s a good article on author exclusivity with more information, good luck! :thumbsup:

###Exclusive Author Information