Can i sell directly if i am non-exclusive author??


I have some concern >> i have converted my account to non-exclusive author for months ago to be able to publish my items on other markets and sell them directly outside envato.

The issue, sometimes i receive an email from some people say that they have seen my items on envato and they have some questions about them and i want to purchase and do payment.

The question now, can i sell them directly as i am non-exclusive author?
knowing that i didn’t receive this email from message system of envato in my portfolio.

It was private email.

And what if he want to purchase another license not in envato.
He want to purchase multi-item license which enables him to use it as he want ???

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, you can sell the items somewhere else with non-exclusive account

even the buyer know about me and my items from envato then send me outside??