Directing buyers to direct deals


Some people get some pre-sale comments on their items and the authors ask them to add them on skype or send them an email then they finish this sale directly outside envato and via paypal.

Is it legal if the author is non-exclusive ?? and if it is illegal, could you show me that in envato agreement ??

Thanks in advance:)

Being non-exclusive means that you can sell your items on Envato and somewhere else for lower/higher prices. So I can’t see anything wrong with that. What is not allowed (even if you’re non-exclusive) is promoting on your item description or profile page on Envato that you’re selling an item for lower price somewhere else.

yes thanks

I mean authors get those comments about items on envato in comments page of the item then author asks him to purchase directly from him by paypal.

Enticing the buyer to purchase an Envato Market item off-site would be against our Author Terms:

  1. As an author you promise to us that:

you will not use Envato Market to offer non-Envato goods or services to buyers;

you will follow any author guidelines provided by us, act in good faith, and provide assistance and co-operation as we reasonably request;

Pushing Envato users into buying from you directly would definitely not be acting in good faith. It would be like standing inside someone’s store and pushing customers to buy at your store across the street.

Please contact the Help Team to let them know if any author is trying to do this. Thanks!

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