Want to sell codecanyon item on other marketplace as well. How I can do?

I am selling a Woocommerce extension on the Codecanyon marketplace and now wants to sell on other marketplace as well but don’t want to remove the item from the Codecanyon marketplace. License needs to be changed? Can someone walk me through the steps.

Hi @ThemesJungle,

Your account is exclusive. So, you have to turn your account into non-exclusive for selling your item on different marketplace.


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Cant we set at the item level exclusive or non exclusive or this needs to be set at the author profile level? Also can I revert my account back to exclusive in the future?. Thanks once again for the help.


It would be very complicated to do it at item level but you can have two accounts (one exclusive and one non) for future items but it’s unlikely that you will be able to migrate historic items already for sale between them.

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You must have to set your account non-exclusive. You have no options to level item as non-exclusive.

But as @charlie4282 mentioned - Envato have options:
Authors are allowed to have max two accounts - one exclusive, and one non-exclusive.

and you can submit your Item under the non-exclusive account to sale on different marketplace.

Ok thanks for all the help so far. If I dont create an another account and change my existing account to non exclusive agreement then I am familiar that more fee will be charged.

However if I want to change that agreement again to exclusive option will that be possible and it compliance with the Envato policy?

You’d need to check that with support as it could be seen as suspicious Envato Author Support