Can I unlist a product and sell it elsewhere?


I’m exclusive author selling only one product here on CodeCanyon. I’m planning to unlist that product here on codecanyon and sell it elsewhere (like a freemium plugin)

I cannot find any policy restricting this practise. Is there anything I need to consider before starting this migration ?


Hello @vaakash

One thing to consider is that there is no such thing as delisting, only deleting. Once you delete an item from CodeCanyon you won’t be able to upload it again.

So you can delete it and sell it elsewhere but you will not be able to upload it again on CodeCanyon. But you also have the option of going non exclusive and keep the product on CodeCanyon and also sell it on other marketplace.

Hope that helps a bit :blush:


Thanks for the reply. I’m selling WordPress plugins. My idea was to publish a free version on WordPress and sell the premium elsewhere. I’m not sure if being “non-exclusive” will work here since the minimal version of the plugin is available for free at WordPress. Any thoughts on this would helpful!

You can do that as an exclusive author in fact. It’s written in the exclusivity policy and is a very common practice among even the largest exclusive WordPress authors.

  1. Envato authors of WordPress themes and plugins are permitted to offer lite versions (a version with reduced/limited functionality) of their exclusive themes and plugins for free on

FYI if you do intend on taking down your item you would still be obligated to honor support commitments until they expire, that’s the only “catch” I guess to taking down your items.


Got it! Thanks for the answers!