Selling content from another author!!

Can someone tell me is selling content from another author allowed on Videohive and Elements

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Of course not

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Ok so If you take a look on this project of mine World Map Globes, After Effects Project Files | VideoHive
and in the preview images bellow or in preview video you will see black and white layout of graphics I have made, world globus as a cyber place for whatever. And then compere my graphics with this authors page Cyber Hud Map Of Cameroon, Motion Graphics | VideoHive his motion graphics projects. He was lazy to change color overlay, so he used my project to sell content that is visually mine as everyone can se as his own, with I think quite a lot of examples mimi_ragab - Portfolio (Page 7) | VideoHive. That is why I’m asking is this allowed, because I was rejected from envato elements motion graphics section last year and this guy is using my template to sell motion graphics on market where I was rejected from. Any idea.
Btw I already opened ticket on support.

Yeah thats not allowed, good that you opened a ticket with Envato support. They will dealt with it :wink: Someone selling my projects has happened to me as well lol :smiley: Envato eliminated them :smiling_face:

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I was just looking for some HUDs for some and stumble upon this fellow guy hero that outsmarted us all.

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Ahaha yeahh, it happens unfortunately…

I still did not see any action from Envato on this case, Is there any other way to notify them about this issue?

Envato will most likely ignore this. We also have a case where the design of our mobile app was copied by another author, but no action was taken.

If you believe that another author is infringing on your IP by uploading your content to sell here, you will need to follow the process here to submit a DMCA Takedown notice against that item:

That link also shows what is involved in the rest of the process. The content in the Author’s item in question will generally be disabled from Envato when we receive a DMCA takedown notice. If we receive a counter-notification and you have not confirmed to us that you’ve filed court proceedings against the Author within 10 business days, we need to re-enable the content within 14 business days of receiving the counter-notification. If you have any further questions please visit our DMCA FAQ page.

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You have to open ticket like I did on support and fill up this DMCA form like ben long said so that envato can take it down. I just did that and I’m waiting now to see what will happen. This author misused my project I think around 30 times maybe more, made so much copies off motion graphics that fills more than 2 pages of his profile.

I’m giving small update if anyone is interested in reading or spreading info about this user who is I might confirm stole almost all the content on his profile. Someone who has worked with country flags might be interested in looking at his portfolio because he made 120 video content out of one single after effect project without paying a dime just from me. I sent one DMCA notice and checked his portfolio to see has it bean removed and it has but videohive suggested me another one since this one was unavailable and it was again my video content :slightly_smiling_face: one example and I fount 46 of them this second time when I actually went trough his entire portfolio . I have written again to envato and I was wondering how is this possible that videohive/envato allows such users to continue to exist on their platform. He gained profit out of me and still exist like nothing has happened. I could say ok 2-5 content files but 120 is a large number.