about selling the original videohive after effects projects on another website without permission!!

i am sharing the mail that i’ve received from a website. ı am not sharing their name now. i just need a solution and help from you.

''Hello Friends!
We have published a new website …
You recieved this email because we know you are working with many projects After Effect/ Premier Pro. We hope our website can help you save your money when buy projects from others site!
If you help any request or questions please dont hesitate to contact us by email:…
Or you can create ticket by follow this link:…
Thanks & Regards,

They are selling our projects without any permission or information and making money from our works.
Do you have any suggestion to permanently solve this problem? This is not a legal site and with this mail i’ve shared with you, people may think this site is legal.

We need more protection from ENVATO on our works that we upload to videohive. we may not be able to solve kind of problems individually. This effects our motivation negatively to make and upload new projects.


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