Someone has uploaded my item to other stock site without permission.

Hi, I am the exclusive author of Videohive and Elemets.

While searching for another video stock site today, I noticed someone created an ID on a stock site called ‘-----’ with my author’s name and uploaded my item.

I have never uploaded any video to any other site in order to keep my exclusive contract with Envato.

In this case, what should I do?
Can someone help me?


Hi, you need to send that marketplace a DMCA takedown notice and they will take it down :slight_smile:

You can use this template written here: The DMCA Process – Envato Author Help Center
Copy-paste it into your email, write in your info, and send the email to the marketplace.

Then wait till they get back to you with “good” news :smiley:


Thank you for always giving good information.

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I don’t know how many ----- users are, but there are a lot of stolen items.

Items that have been illegally uploaded include items that have never been sold on videohive, probably sold on elemets.

I recommend that the authors do a search for whether the item has been stolen.

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Also if it’s a “service” run by thieves then sending DMCA to the “marketplace” won’t do much. Then you need to figure out who hosts their website and then send the DMCA to the hosting provider. They will most likely take action to warn the webpage owner or will just take it down.

Having that said it becomes very apparent why most of us don’t even both reporting such bs - too much work for questionable impact that they truly have on our downloads/sales.

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I’m a foreigner, and I’m not used to it because it’s my first time writing a DMCA request.

Do I write based on the content of the DMCA template and send it to the marketplace by email?

It feels like a very difficult task…

It seems that many authors will give up claiming their rights.

I hope Envato has a DMCA team to protect the rights of exclusive authors.

I’m afraid that a thief who impersonates my name will cause problems with my exclusive contract with Envato.

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Yes (or to the website’s host provider). I’ve done this before via email and even private messages (when fivver “artists” decide to sell my template customization service without having a licence for that, lol).

I think the envatos DMCA template fits really well for reporting your stolen project on other marketplaces. Although there are other, maybe simpler DMCA templates if you google them.

That would be lovely, but can’t tell if that the case or not. Either way, to get such project taken down, it’s fastest to submit the DMCA yourself.

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In the future, it is expected that customers who purchase items from elements will frequently upload them to other sites.

In the end, it seems that we will have a hard time coping with many future cases and a day to give up.

Maybe, but it’s unknown how much if at all, does it impact our sales. Legit studios using elements probably won’t go looking for scammy sites to get questionably working assets with no support :smiley: And users looking for pirated free content probably never had the intent of buying the assets anyways, soo dunno.

Anyways we should stop discussing this, in case customers are browsing the forums… we’re giving them ideas! :joy:

Non-exclusive authors can prevent this by uploading their items on other sites, but exclusive authors cannot.
That’s very sad.

Even today, I was helped by the wise you. Thank you!

Well if it happens on legit reputable sites, it’s much easier to deal with - by sending a DMCA to the marketplace directly.

Else uploading your work to all marketplaces can have a negative effect too - your work reaches more scammers and thieves :joy:

Oh stop it you, I’m blushing! :joy: But it’s a pleasure if I was able to help.


There was good news today.

They received a DMCA notice from me, and they removed illegally uploaded videos today.

Everything is thanks to your help. :+1:

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Amazing news!! :partying_face:

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I just checked it, I got my items on the first page :dizzy_face: :rage: :rage: :rage:

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They can’t - only the copyright holders (the author) can submit a DMCA.

Unfortunately, this is not an exclusive challenge to envato, regardless of how wrong it is.

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Send a ticket to their support asking to delete this fraud uploader account :slight_smile:

Bad news… :scream:
I hope your problem will be solved quickly.

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I hope they love the exclusive authors a little more.
Thanks for your answer.

If anyone has a (feasible) solution to this issue, I am certain that envato would love to hear it and would be very willing to try and implement things

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This gets posted everytime but this is in fact wrong. The copyright holder or someone who is representing the copyright holder / acting on behalf of him can send a DMCA.

Envato could very well put it in their terms to be able to do that, or make it optional and authors could opt in.

They don’t want to do that work. They like to say they can not but they simply don’t want. And I’m not sure if someone can blame them for that.

As easy as it is to shut this conversation down with this simple “sorry, would love to, but can not”. It is plain wrong even if it gets repeated everytime this issue is brought up.