Question marks after sending a DMCA takedown notice

Hi fellow authors,
Today I had to deal with sending a DMCA takedown notice for a copycat template posted here on Videohive. I won’t post any detail because I don’t want this topic to get unlisted also. Thanks to the Envato Support team everything went really quick and the copycat template is no longer on Videohive.

My questions are:
1) What happens with the money earned from selling the copycat template (somewhere around $150). Will the author be able to withdraw them at the end of the month ?

2) Is there a “Strike two - you’re out” kind of action for this type of authors?

3) Isn’t it frightening that all I have to do in order to get any authors name, address and also PHONE NUMBER is just to repost his work on Envato Market and wait for him to file a DMCA ?

Let me tell you something … If the author can withdraw the money earned from selling a copycat template and there’s also no action taken agains his account on Envato, I think my next uploaded template will be “Photo Motion Pro - Professional 3D Photo Animator” *

*Just kidding Integnity. Great work btw :smiley: