Weird Behaviours from Envato Staff

Someone (I will tell “X” in the next sentences.) DMCA Takedown Request sent to Envato for my item. So Envato “hard disabled” my item and “froze” my all earnings immediately.

X have written “copied entire of my script including design and code” in the takedown notice. I contacted with X for the wrong takedown notice, but I couldn’t get any reply. Then I contacted with Envato support. I tell about wrong information, and I requested reviewing files of my script. Also, I requested unfreeze earnings and enable my item again. After a long wait, I got a response. “You need to resolve this with the complainant.”. I tried to solve the issue with X, but I failed. I couldn’t get a reply. I sent DMCA counter-notice to Envato. But support staff ignored this. So If you send a takedown notice to Envato. Envato is removing item and earnings of author immediately. It never thinks it could be right or wrong. The staff doesn’t check anything. Said to me “We couldn’t check script files. You need to resolve this dispute between the two of you.”. So you can take down your rivals with false takedown requests. Envato thousands of dollars earned with my items and also froze my all earnings. But today doesn’t help me, almost said f*** o*** (!).

Finally, I think this message will be removed or topic locked by staff as soon as. Because Envato focused only on defining high commission-rates, increasing author fees, designing unresponsive pages, equipping all earnings of authors. I should part ways with Envato.


This really weird they even do not check that DMCA is correct or not. They should at least listen to the author and person who wrote (DMCA) to Envato. This is not the way to freeze earnings and send authors months of hard work into trash.
Feeling sorry for you @NicheOffice man. Pray you get your product back and resolve this matter.

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This is the way DMCA’s work, you should check the help pages for more info. Envato aren’t judge and/or jury in these cases… they just follow the process. As for them ignoring your counter DMCA… when did you send it?

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They have to accept your counter DMCA and then ask the counter party to hire a layer and go to the court if he wants to complete the final removal

someone on the market literally copied important parts of my code from my items on CodeCanyon to his own item in CodeCanyon and sent a counter DMCA to Envato and they got his item back and asked me to hire a lawyer if I want to go further with the issue

Yesterday I sent. It is ignored. Today I sent again. Ignored.

I sent two counter notice. All of them ignored.

One is sufficient.

We’ll send a copy of the DMCA counter-notification to the person who sent the DMCA takedown notice (claimant), then wait 10 business days. Unless the claimant sends us a notice that court proceedings have been filed against you within the 10 business days, we’ll then reinstate the content within 14 business days from when we received the counter-notification.

Two days after DMCA notice I sent.

Was that 14 business days ago? If it wasn’t then wait until 14 business days are up and your content should be reinstated as long as the author doesn’t initiate court proceedings.