FAKE DMCA - Item taken down


I’ve got a fake DMCA Takedown and my funds are now frozen.

The DMCA is obviously bad intentioned.

Have any of you got into this process ? If so, how did you sort it out.

Did you receive any message from Envato regarding this issue? Maybe there are any contacts in that message that you could use to present your arguments? Otherwise you should write to Envato Help team I suppose.

I contacted Envato Back.
Was mostly looking for people already doing the process

Closing this thread simply because only support can help with matters like this, and it is not appropriate or a good idea to have people sharing discussions around potentially legal things on the forums.

Keep in touch with support who will be best to help you.

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but if you’re confident there’s no merit to the DMCA then you should file a counter-claim: