new salesperson using videos from my portfolio

Hello friends,

yesterday i was searching in envatomarket when i noticed that a new user named hortealexsia is using without my permission 5 of my items.
I am making this call for attention because other salespeople may also be harmed.

Best regards,
João Dias

First thing you have to do is make a help ticket for Envato Support to let them know about this so they can proceed.

I’ve done this.
I’ve been viewing this user’s portfolio and all videos belong to other authors. He doesn’t even change the title of the clips. If you put any of the videos in the search bar they will appear side by side on the same page. The clip from the original seller and the clip from this user.

Yes, incredible! I tried " Aerial View Traffic Highway" in the search bar and there is one from @hortealexsia and there’s another exactly the same from @Deestockrod. Obviously @Deestockrod has more years being an author here than @hortealexsia , who is author recently since this year 2020. So all we have to do is do the math and that’s it, problem solved. I’m sure that Envato Support will proceed soon because all this issue is very clear, I don’t know if there’s another possibility but “a copy” in this case.

How this is possible? It means that Envato does not have a system to check uploaded clips for duplicates? No CRC check for every uploaded file?

it’s so awful that such things happen, I mean, why do you need to steal anything?

I have already contacted the envato market but so far I have not yet solved the situation.

unfortunately it seems not.

the problem is that this user is taking advantage of the work of others to earn money.
It takes courage.


Try to make printscreen and video screen and keep them safe.

If he have many sales on your items, sue him.

Good luck

You have to give DMCA notice, I had a similar issue with after effects template. Envato took down the item after my DMCA notice.

I don’t see the need to be doing that. It is in plain sight. This user is using material that is not his or is not authorized to do so. I don’t know what it takes so much bureaucracy.

There should be some effort from Envato to prevent this type of situations