Stealing from other Authors.


Hey guys … check this out

This guy used a file of mine to make this :

Here is my file made in 2017

I also have a Premiere Pro version of this template

The funny thing is that this guy has a copyright ninja badge…

Does someone know who I have to contact in envato for this kind of issues?

Thanks for your time guys

Nick (realthing)


not same work


Are you kidding me ??? this is not same work…this is same file …with all the assets that i made… its like he download my file (probably from a pirate site) he make some changes and he upload it again…

Ant way if you dont see the exact same graphic elements there i guess you are a friend of this guy


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styles and image paths look the same.

But I could not see the contents of the file

(You may know the contents of the file as you and envato).

looks the same when you look from the outside.

Bencede Support is useful to contact.

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Help Center


Thanks NEXUS MGD i recognize a lot of things that i design… you know that everyone can recognize his stuff.
The ink drop i made it my self
The comic layout lines are also made from me…

And in any case this guy he will have his opportunity to claim if it his own creation…

Thanks again man :slight_smile:

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what is strange is that the project has been accepted.



Well to be honest i dont blame reviewers… they get a lot of file per day…

The strange thing is that this guy has a copyright ninja badge … that means that this guy…steals, and at the same time he fight for copyrights :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: you’re right, envato is messed up these days (internal mess lives.)

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Nothing strange. I saw several “suspicious” persons with copyright ninja badges. As I understand pirates fight with each other. Competition! :laughing:




It’s a shame. I have seen this many times and also happend to me. VH did not make any effort to help. There are authors that upload the same project some months later with a few changes and they are accepted. They lost control. Too many reviewers and they don’t know all the database. They always say to send a DMCA…When I upload something really different they say the project did not have sufficient quality. They want more from the same…It’s business…come on folks

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Hi Paulo… i remember some of your problems in the past… and yes … it is a business , its our business that we have to protect.
I think in a certain point all authors have to make a kind of group to have finally a voice inside here.


Copying an idea is an other thing from copying a template! Many times some templates look similar but when they look really same someone has to check out the project files and it ll be easy to see if the structure is almost the same! The first one is cheating but the second one is stealing!

Reviewers cant check all the new templates… they would need an app for this, but they have to remove these templates and block the authors when the author of the original work is contacting support.

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The people of Envato were really fast in their response, but anyway I have to fill out a special form to take down the file.
Looks like things are changing and in a way the legal responsibility is passing 100% to the authors.

And i agreed with my friend Yiannis … the reviewer job becomes more and more difficult.


Yes a special form would be great but I dont know if authors will not spam it with issues that dont exist…


hey guy i found same case here

funny part is it as upload months back no body noticed it,
envato is dying,where is envato team.


you should report this to support. I will tag @KingDog so maybe he can forward this copyright violation to the correct person