new salesperson using videos from my portfolio AGAIN


on the 25th of September I posted a topic here alerting the fact that a new user is using videos of me and other sellers without authorization.

That situation was resolved but now a new user has appeared again using content from me and other users without having been authorized to do so.
I think the person must be the same as the country of origin is the same as the previous country, Romania.
I leave the link of the seller’s portfolio:

If you copy the title of any of the videos and put them in the search bar you will notice that 2 identical clips appear. The one from the new seller and the other from the original seller.

I think it is incredible that this situation will repeat itself in such a short time without Envato doing anything to protect the interest of its employees.

I hope that with this topic the portfolio of this user will be eliminated just as it happened with the other.

Best regards,
João Dias

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The link says Page not Found now. :man_shrugging:

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# 404 - Nothing to see here
I guess the problem was solved

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