Footage thief is selling my clips in their portfolio

I found some of my clips in a portfolio on Videohive and reported it to them. They wanted me to sign something before they look into it. I replied with links to the clips and links to the same clips in my Pond5 portfolio uploaded years ago. No response. I checked yesterday and the portfolio still exists but with a different name. Was Bridephoto but now is Misabaliec. This is a big portfolio with clips from every major city around the world… if the Seattle clips are mine, I assume the other cities are stolen from other artists. Does anyone have any experience with this to help get this footage thief shut down??

Do you mind sharing the link to the portfolio?

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To submit DMCA notice properly you need to follow instructions from this article. That is not something you can resolve in the forum as that is a legal matter and has to be done correctly. Envato needs you to sign a DMCA notice because it means you firmly stand behind your statement and that you are the copyright owner.

I guess I’d rather hold off on signing anything until I speak with a lawyer. I’ve emailed them plenty of evidence to at least look into it. I assume things will look fishy on the back end… especially after the portfolio name change. The same person had a portfolio on Motion Array and they removed it after I notified them about it.

I totally understand your frustration. It’s unbelievable that people still think they can get away with this in 2024! With the advancements in technology, it’s easier than ever to track and identify stolen content.

Let’s hope this gets resolved quickly. It’s important for our community to stay vigilant and support each other in maintaining a fair and creative environment.