Elements ad suggest not to buy on Videohive ?

Hi guys,
did you notice this new ‘feature’

I am sorry , I get that Elements is the thing that Envato will continue to develop, but today I felt very sad about this. Since Envato added Videohive items on Elements it was clear that the game changed. Items that have huge competition will no longer make sells on Videohive, because there is no reason someone to spend monthly fee on one item, even its the best in the field, when he has 238012831 others that seems to be exactly the same. However I am trying to adapt to new game rules, trying to find my field, I was goingto create new item for Elements, but then with this new banner , there is no reason to add new files there. Last 3 months I made ~120$ , in the same time I sold the very same Item which is in both marketplaces and made more money from it only on staying on videohive. Then why should I bother ?

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You should have gotten an email about this some weeks ago. You can opt out of this, so that no banners are shown on your item pages.

You can earn referral income when you stay opted in. More info via mail or in the thread in the elements subforum:


Oh , thank you Creattive for the clarification, then its fair deal. If admin decide can delete the thread then , I didn’t like to bring this Elements vs Videohive topic again. I think we all have been said our thoughts in the past 2 years.

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