Promote Videohive items on the Elements item page

Hi all. I guess everyone is annoyed by this intrusive “buy everything for 1 cent” banner. I have a question for Envato. If you aggressively promote Elements on Videohive, why don’t you give authors, who bring all the company’s profits, the opportunity to promote their high-quality Videohive products on the Elements item page?
If it were possible to add links to your VH items in description of products on Elements, then I am convinced that many customers would buy them. This would create additional traffic.
Don’t force us to look for workarounds and insert advertisements for our high-quality Videohive products into video previews of our junk products on Elements.

I know my English is bad. But I think the concept is clear.

Great point. Letting authors promote their Videohive products on Elements would really help boost traffic and sales for everyone like pentagon detailing. Hopefully, Envato considers this idea.

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Envato doesn’t need this, even the authors don’t need this. In 11 days you are the first to reply.