Does Envato act against the authors of Envato markets?


Unless your item is also available in Elements… in which case, you only have yourself to blame.

You also make the assumption that sales are made by buyers dead set on getting your item. Really don’t think this is always the case.

The so-called “uniqueness” of an item does not always exist outside the mind of its author.


I don’t agree with this statement for all categories that the marketplaces serve. Might be the case for certain product types, but, for Code, it’s certainly not the case.


I´m just thinking out loud, any advertisement should be placed where it has the most effect? It´s not just casual decoration of the website… So does this advertisement really have that good effect? If it does, I completely understand the concerns. Especially if you are selling very generic content on the marketplace which is also available at Elements.

This will probably have different impact on different marketplaces, but it is for sure an interesting discussion.


If the ads in the shopping cart don’t lead to buyers clicking on them and therefor at least interrupting the checkout - if not leading to a total cart abandonement - then why does envato place the ad there?

If the ad is there it will have an effect, else envato would place it elsewhere.

So assuming that this ruins the checkout experience is fair.

The cross-marketing is not equal from one place to the other. On market there are ads everywhere, on elements, authors are forbidden to place links to market. This alone should tell you something about what envato wants.

The screenshot shown by enabled is misleading at best - as this is not how it looks like when you visit elements. You have to click on “quick links” first to get this overview for market categories. It is not this big by default. I recommend everyone to check out how it looks in reality.

Saying the cross-marketing is equal is very optimistic. In my eyes, it is not. Everyone should make up their minds about this by just visiting both sites.

I am an Envato elements author. I do not like the ads in the shopping cart. Wayman gave reasons for this, well understandable reasons to me.

No threads in the forum will change this however. So it is either leave envato or swallow the pill. Old authors may remember the times where forum threads like this did at least lead to a discussion with envato - but let’s be honest these times are long gone.


Would be very interesting to know why. The only thing I can think of is that it´s not necessarily good if customer “fall out” of Elements by accident. But I also miss links to authors marketplace portfolios ( I did send a help ticket about this yesterday). At least some links to authors portfolio, and if you are for example want to buy the music which is attached to video, a link would be very helpful for the customer.


Here is the source for my statement:

Some excerpts to think about from this page:

" Cross promotion by attempting to link to your other items on Envato Elements or external websites is against our guidelines and will result in your item being removed."

I can remember a help article where it stated a “why” - it was meant that the user experience on Elements shall be closed to the outside to not distract people in their downloading experience. I cannot find that page, maybe it was on the hel ppage linked above but got removed now?


So Video templates included in Elements that use music from Audiojungle, do not link back to the AJ item? Using preview items from other authors without attribution has never been part of the deal.

When I first raised this point, I was told it was a temporary setback, was I blatantly lied to?

I do not agree to this. How can I prevent my music from being used in Elements items without a required attribution?


As far as I know, there have been an update lately where AJ authors can be filled out in a text box? But I agree, a link should be the minimum requirements when you are using other authors items in your items.


Your idea of ​​all buyers is that they all clearly know what kind of product from all they want to buy. If this were so, then all the works, books, studies on merchandising and marketing would be meaningless. You know there is such a joke - Even the greatest merchandiser or marketing specialist is powerless in front of a men in a store who has a paper note with list of needed goods, that was given him by his wife :slight_smile:


Can’t see that information on Elements item pages. Is this actually a thing?


I don´t know, I think @SpaceStockFootage told me some time ago, when I asked why there was no AJ link attached to Elements videos. But Elements users must know this better.

It is however shocking to see how many Elements videos which are missing credits to AJ authors (unless this is in some hidden text document when you download)


This is explained on the help page. Audiojungle authors are credited but a link is not allowed. So it will look like this “Sound is not included but available at Audiojungle: “Inspiration” by “SomeAuthor””.

So the users have to go to AJ themselves and look for the sound. If you named your Track Inspiration as well as 9999999 other Tracks - well, that is your fault if he doesn’t find it :wink:

I always put the audiojungle links in my item documentation as well so if a user is looking for that sound he will get a link from me - taking the info from Elements he needs to do a quick search on Audiojungle by himself.


Audiojungle IDs are now meant to be mentioned in the item’s metadata. This is not shown on Elements yet (neither on Videohive).

This will most probably come in the future - maybe when Audio is coming to elements so they will automatically link to the sound on Elements.


As a long time customer but one who only recently went above downloading weekly freebies and actually spending money regularly here, I must say I find the new policy annoying and agree it is not set up to be in the best interest of sellers.

I have a suggestion to help, but no idea where to post it - so since it occurred to me while reading this thread, it goes here. If it’s a good idea I am sure others will echo it and it will get to the proper people.

If an item is on the marketplace exclusively and not available on elements, then place a prominent badge or banner stating that the item is a Marketplace Exclusive and not available on elements.

That will also help those customers whom I have seen complain that they bought something and later found it in elements. They felt “ripped off” since they had an elements subscription but didn’t know it was available there. They asked if an item in the marketplace was available in elements why there was no indication of that.

I felt stating that was unfair to the seller as it could hurt their sales, but doing the opposite (stating it is exclusive to the marketplace) could actually boost the items “prestige” and serve the same purpose (implying the item is available in Elements by the absence of a "Marketplace Exclusive marking).

Did that make sense?


i guess that u are not ignoring that marketing teams and so on analyze about anything about placement and positioning, in all environments, even in the supermarkets all dispositions are made so that they value exactly the products that they want u to buy … there is no reason to wander why things are placed where they are … they do where they do because there is an impact … now , as usual this cannot force people into buying if they really do not want but the power of suggesting is definitely an important one …


I just checked more than a dozen items, found only one crediting the music. This is a joke, albeit not a funny one. AJ authors should not put up with this bull. Sorry for the off-topic @Wayman, I’ll stop now.


it does make sense as this would be probably a way to compensate for the difference in terms of visibility between an item that is in elements and another one who does not have as much exposure since this is not …

besides if u ask me, i think that this is not fair that people are selected to join elements … all should have the right to join and accept its rules and way to work or to be able to stay away from it , depending on frame of mind …


I am agree with you bro. :roll_eyes::sweat::disappointed_relieved::zipper_mouth_face:


This is the authors responsibility - the same as on market. If the author does not put a link you can report the item or message the author to do their duty.

I give credit on all my items descriptions as well as documentation - if I forgot it somewhere I am very happy if I get reminded by the author.


And from what I see, many just skip this responsibility. It should be a step in the review process. No proper attribution, no approval. (and it should be the same on Videohive)