Category Page Update

Thank you for the improvements you make.
But the interests of all parties must be taken into account
You should not forget that the success of this market has been the effort of everyone from management, authors and customers
Do not destroy this market and refer the majority of the authors to unemployment

I totally agree with all authors here. Please remove the Elements banner and make Newest items as a default page


I see a few problems in that compromise.

  1. This does not apply to all marketplaces. A Stock video does not need to be updated. A Flyer can also be great for more than 6 months. Actually, the only marketplace this should applied to would be themeforest and codecanyon.

  2. I can just make a tiny change to the zip to not be filtered out. To prevent tricking the system, this will put more burden on the reviewers to check if the updates are big enough to justify the filter to skip it and given that envato has introduced trusted updates to many authors, they are looking to decrease work for reviewers, not increase it.

back to topic:

The pill sorting is a step in the right direction, something that should have been introduced earlier. Asking authors to take care about the marketing to offset the lost exposure is an audacity in regards to envato’s tagline “You do creative - we’ll do the rest” and just shows how this marketplace and the company behind it has changed in the last years.


All recent experiments do not positively affect the profits of the authors and the market as a whole. Or am I wrong?


Fair logic mate. Let me reiterate my reply. Apply this to code marketplaces only. CodeCanyon and ThemeForest only! You have very valid points for other markets. I’ll edit my initial reply! :slight_smile:

PS: Not regarding to your reply @Creattive, but to others in this thread. Let’s keep memes out of this thread if by all means possible. :slight_smile:

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Only question: In near future default sorting back to Newest Items or not? If not i will not upload my new items. Because already i have 4 ready items. I need truly answer from moderators.


The same question I have.
In near future default sorting back to Newest Items or not ? If not i will not upload my new items.


Good improvement Envato. But i don’t get it if we still have to spend time and money on SEO and affiliate partnerships etc, then what is the purpose if this platform? Envato is suppose to help authors get their work noticed.


I’m not a mod but mods are not envato staff so they can also only guess about envatos decision. All I can say is, looking at all posts by staff, they will never go back to newest item sorting. They will change the category pages to show both best selling and new items, as well as trending etc.
These category pages are currently tested on themeforest’s wordpress category.

All hints point to the fact that (it is planned that) there will never be a category page (or any other page) showcasing only new items.


Not even that mate, we can’t guess or assume or speculate for Envato Staff. We’re here to keep the forums clean, help you guys out, nothing more mate! :slight_smile:


Well you are a thinking human being so you can guess what they might do, you just don’t know it. Just like the rest of us authors.

Or is it strictly forbidden for moderators to express their guesses and thoughts in the forums?


As you can see from my replies, we are authors too, we are humans of course, so we are allowed of course to guess. I’m just the conservative type that waits to see what the next step is. I guess it depends on each mod’s style! :smile: In any case mate, let’s keep it on topic. Staff will offer replies to our questions for the next 7 days so let’s not fill it with chit chat here! :smiley:


When staff is asking you to peak items for e-mail campaings or competitions, they should be fresh, cool and up-to date. But when a client with dollars is searching for trending music - Envato sells him bestsellers which are 2+ years old.
But one thing is changeless, guys. Quality items will sell anyway, despite of searching result are. And it’s motivating (so far).


Hello, I appreciate this new sorting menu, better than nothing, it will help for sure. About the various ways to generate traffic, in the past I invested thousands of money to my items, then I stop for one reason:

I’m not able to track my sales with Google Analytics. I need to know how much sales my external marketing campaigns are generating. I’m not able to do it and Envato do not offer any tutorial about it.

I think that a tutorial the minimum from Envato to help the authors that bring actual money into Envato.
This is the 3° time I try to get help about this.

Thank you!


So, now it does not matter what quality items we will make. Now good sales will have authors, spending a lot of money on SEO and own traffic. Is it really what the marketplace need in? Home made SEO - musicians, SEO - photographers, SEO - designers? And what about encreasing the Elements price? You’ve told about it last year. (Sorry for my bad english)


Envato recognizes that their new strategy fails in relation to new items and does not find anything better than offering the authors to cope with this on their own.


It’s funny how a few months back we were protesting how authors shouldn’t be marketing & just focus on the creative, envato takes the 30-50% for that blah & blah.

Look at it now. We’re reduced to bargaining that Ok envato, my master, I’ll do the marketing out of my own pocket, please just remove that banner from my item page.

If someone remembers the Schultz explaining Horse buying scene from Django Unchained, it is this.
Ask a farmer for his horse, he’ll refuse, ask him for his farm, he’ll sell you the horse.

And Oh! They removed the “You do creative, we’ll do the rest” thing from their page. :hugs:


Would you pay me the promotion of my items (of course you would not)…why do you expect authors to pay for the promotion and drive traffic to their page and then goes on Elements…remove Elements banner and then we can talk about this. Envato takes his part of money, so find a way to advertise Elements and not to be taken by the authors in all possible ways…


“You do creative? So, do the rest”
To be honest, i think that the most of authors are doing these marketing things for years. But now this traffic is going mostly to that elements banner.:man_shrugging:


It’s totally conflicting with this statement: You do creative - we’ll do the rest. If all authors here can do the rest (SEO, SEM, Marketing…) then we don’t need this market anymore. Now we’re uploading the new items to our own website instead of uploading here.


@jamesgiroux This is not fair, before the new items was default and settings where hidden. Now immediately any customer would directly click on Best Sellers.
Past many months I have been seeing that 70% items sales of new items at page 2 and later have not even crossed 10 sales.

What do we earn with 3-5 sales for a product ? Please make it as it was before, your best sellers were selling and other authors had fine sales.