Dear Envato and fellow authors, this is serious. (Default item order)

Dear Envato and fellow authors,

this is a serious issue. Not long ago (a couple of weeks) we had bugs on each site on Envato marketplace. It was a bug on “default sort order”. Almost everyone complained about decreasing of sales. We have opened a couple of topics on the forum and we were informed that there was a bug and it will be fixed soon.

That bug lasted 7 or 8 hours and in meantime sales just stopped. Why? Nobody could see our files. Customers could see only items with a lot of sales, even tough some of the items were 3 or 4 years old.

Everything was normal for a couple of days and it happened again and again. First default sort order was set on the best seller and then on trending, best rated…

Today we were informed that Envato is testing new “default sort order”. Truth to be told we were said in December that they will have tests with this kind of stuff. So there is a possibility that order from “new items” will be changed to “best sellers”.

Dear authors, this is a serious issue. New items are an only visible day or two on the main site and that is it, “new items” category is set on fourth place as seen on the image below.


There is posibility that Envato keeps new default sort order. I will let analytics of my newer files take my stand.

It’s really hard to continue uploading if no one sees you. I hope Envato will find a solution for this which will be good for all the authors.

Thank you


You are right.
Unfortunately,I’ve got similar statistics.
And I think there many other authors can share such graphics


Envato just dont give single damn about authors, they just only care for money. they are just testing whats convert more money. this move only reword older items with big sales and ratings. new items will not get considerable amount of exposure. one of the most eval company I ever seen ma whole life.

I am sure that Envato is aware that every author on this marketplace is valuable and they will find a solution for even exposure for all of us.

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Envato will be looking at the impact these changes have on both existing authors and new items. They’ll have a massive database full of numbers to crunch to figure out the best solution.

Hopefully the change doesn’t affect too many authors in the meantime!


Nicely said, I agree with you. :slight_smile:

this is truely a big problem , i hope it will be fixed as soon as possible

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There has to be a reason for this for sure. I hope it is solved ASAP


It’s horrible. Envato thinks it will increase sales? Yes, sales will increase for top authors but not among ordinary authors.
Unfortunately, such a policy leads to such phenomena as self-purchase, etc. But not to improve the quality of the material for the consumer …


very bad time for new items… this is bad time for me :confused:

Maybe it’s not a bug, but a new algouritm?

I think Envato must introduce something that is favorable for the authors and the buyers both.

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All the categories on graphic river showing trending items page as default instead of new items. Is it a bug or it has been done by the staff?

It’s apparently part of an A/B test. Let’s hope they go back to “A” soon.

Its a disaster decision. Sales are down to zero for my new items :frowning:

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Heya. As mentioned previously, we’re running some A/B/C testing on the layout of search etc. It’s understandable if it’s slipped your memory (it slipped mine) as it was discussed back in this thread - Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

Nothing is written in stone, but we’ll need to run these kinds of tests to collect the data we need.

Over the next few months you may notice changes to the layout of search results, sort order, new panels, and other design changes to the search and category pages. Using data from the tests, we will assess both customer and author impact. This means you may notice small changes from time to time that you can see and others can’t, and those changes may or may not become permanent.



I think we all had enough of “A” testing,now let’s go down to “B” or “C” where sales are back to normal or better.


I guess now there is no need of uploading new items as it will be of no use. I designed a file for seven days then wait for another seven days to get approval and after all this hard work and wait the result is zero.

Its a great failure for the company like envato that they are following the foot steps of small companies.


Thanks​ for tuning in, I really appreciate it. We are couminty, and we are only as strong as our weakest link.

After all data that is collected I hope Envato will take into consideration everything from topics like these and make a better environment for all authors.