Dear Envato and fellow authors, this is serious. (Default item order)

Well, I had today items in order of best rated… considering that items on marketplace divided in two categories - with 5 stars and without rating was pretty funny.

I am agree that things must be improved in order to keep marketplace alive in constantly changing world, but this must be done gentle, because if testing new ideas lead to loss of profit for authors who generate revenue for market it is surely not good.

So, anything can change at anytime, and any of those changes might be temporary for undefined time or stay permanent, but nothing is for sure and no further information is available.
Aye O. K. :slight_smile:

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I’m actually fine with changes and experiments, without them no progress or evolution. However, AFAIK experiments with potential disruption can and should be conducted on smaller scales and evaluated carefully, before going Godzilla on the marketplaces.

I’ve been here for three years and there has been a handful of significant changes, some great, some not so great, but in all cases I’ve tried to adapt and figure out what signals Envato is sending to us authors - do they want more of this or that, what should we focus on to help each other out, how can we maximise profit and optimise revenue distribution and so on. So far I think I’ve managed, although no change has been without its winners and losers. But at least there was always a WAY to win, at least in theory. For a while it was “be first”, then it was “upload a lot”, we’ve had “use keywords in titles”, “find your own niches”, “focus on quality” etc. There was always a choice. Well, in a scenario where only a handful of dinosaur items are perpetually boosted, game over.

So this time I’m a bit concerned for us all really, not just because my own sales quite shockingly dropped by 90% for the first time ever, but because I fail to see the upside to the long term idea of distributing 99% of exposure to top sellers. I’m actually a bit afraid that when they analyse the data they will see a higher level of conversion - top selling items are top selling for a reason, after all - but please bear in mind that these top sellers were once uploaded onto a market where they could gain traction from having zero sales in the first place. Without initial exposure, no sales, so no new top sellers, which will lead to fewer uploads, more authors throwing in their towels, and in some time (a year?) buyers will wonder why there are no new good items, maybe migrate to competing sites, things turn sour, back to square one.

Also, giving lots of exposure to “Trending” items is a bit vague IMO - while I like the general idea of giving “growing” items a boost, it’s still quite unclear how the incentive structure will play out to the advantage of new uploads. Again, simply not knowing what exactly to pursue, as an author, in order to succeed, is the main issue.

I truly hope I’m just overreacting, the “calm” side of my brain still understands it’s easy to go paranoid when left in the dark and supplies are cut off just like that, even if just for a few days. Oh well, I guess we’re left hanging by a thin thread for a while now, and in the meantime why not “experiment” with checking out other career options :stuck_out_tongue:


Statistic for new tracks approved in last 24 hours (middle of the week).

It’s worse than that.
Usually corporate tracks has 5-7 sales in one day and we could see that there’s around 30-40 items with 1-3 sales on the same day after approval.
Today there are only 12 tracks with sales and they all got 1 sale each
I think there is no need to talk about other categories.

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Amen Mate!

…so now I understand why my low sales got lower :slight_smile:
I thought it was something about me or Envato is going down.

so no worriez, they’re gathering infos for their this year improvement of website
now I’m ok :slight_smile:

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My thoughts are the same as yours! I hope the staff is reading your comment!

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Already dropped 80% here and agree with you.

I got 20 sales in jan-feb month but in feb-march threre is 0 sales of my template ! Whats wrong with themeforest ? When their site customizing will come to an end ? :frowning:

Dear Envanto Teams,
Honestly this is very detrimental to us. If you continue to implement this it will be very difficult to cut through new item for trending item or best seller. And there are many other bad consequences.
I hope you can consider your policy. Please do not imitate any other marketplace. We loved envanto currently.

Thank you


Dear Envato team. We love you for the fact that you differ from others. We hope you make the correct decision. With love, your authors!

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Well, now when I went to browse music, newest items were set as default. Things are getting back, I guess. :slight_smile:

In the middle of week - 0 sales, great experiment!


This is from official topic from Envato announcement, you can find it here : Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages
Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

I got good sales during the testing period. Even 2 Broadcast Licenses for 2 of my oldest(!) tracks which seemed to be 4 years old, not selling for 3 years btw. This tells me that my items are still great and definetely worth to check out, but since the search engine is based on best sellers and new items, these “hidden gems” won’t get the exposure they deserve.

The focus on new items and its short but good exposure has resulted in a race among Authors. I’m sure if the focus would be not only on best sellers and new stuff Authors would go for quality instead of quantity.

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I hope it is as you say … because this is a big misunderstanding. I see an avalanche of negative comments and it is a sign of failure.

Horrible changes. Why?
Music is an inspiration that needs to be rewarded. And not being able to see new tracks makes you lower your hands and go to other stocks like pond5, MA and other. Envato is a great and smart company, but if you look from the side of new authors, and not very new ones, then the benefits in selling the manuscript on the Envato all are smaller and smaller.

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this is an actual message from a client who bought multiple packs and tracks from me …
He told me about a new track that he kinda liked that got approved on tuesday and we talked a little bit about the market in general
when i told him about some thoughts i have for my future releases and how discouraged this situation makes me… this was his answer

actually he was kinda wrong on the barely found anything good and most are ■■■■ tho
but you can see how you’re passing old tracks to customers.
my point of view now is that all these changes, tests or website problems are only making things worst for the New and Non Topsellers…
Again its a company and Envato should make it work as they like and think its profitable for them…
We get it ! music industry is not fair but what you can do ! just complain and see our sales dropping 80%

Keep calm and enjoy the rollercoaster



Hope it is temporary and they will not set this settings as default